,Continuing Education for plumbers in Texas

Upcoming Classes:  (For 2017 - 2018)

FEBRUARY 3, 2018 - Fort Worth
MARCH 3, 2018 - Fort Worth
APRIL 7,  2018 - Fort Worth
May 5, 2018 - Fort Worth
June 2, 2018 - Fort Worth 

All continuing education classes are $75., unless otherwise noted.  Visa and Mastercard are accepted at registration prior to class.
 except in special circumstances.  Tuition at class can be paid with cash, check or money order only.

Correspondence Courses available for the current year and the previous 2 years for $109 each.

For current information or registration, please contact us at: 1-866-726-2233 or email us at pamca1ed@gmail.com