Texas ArcGIS Online Map Contest 2017

Across the U.S., high school and middle school students are exploring their world and creating interesting map products with ArcGIS Online. Esri now challenges students to create and share maps about something in their home states, working to be among the best in the school, state, and nation. The ArcGIS Online US School Competition 2017 is open to high school (gr.9-12) and middle school (gr.4-8) students in the U.S who can analyze, interpret, and present data via an ArcGIS Online presentation, web app, or story map.

Theme: Texas has chosen to keep the possible topics wide open, with no special theme, just focused inside the borders of Texas.

When: Deadline to submit maps is 6pmCST Friday, May 12th.

Deadline Friday, May 12th.

  1. Entrants must be pre-collegiate students registered in grades 4-12, from public schools or non-public schools including home schools, under age 19, who have not yet received a high school diploma or equivalent.
  2. Students can work singly or in teams of two, but can participate in only one entry. Teams with one student in middle school (gr.4-8) and one in high school (gr.9-12) must be considered as high school.
  3. Entries must come from a recognized school or home school, even if the entrants are working on the entry in an out-of-school club.
  4. Any school or home school program can submit to the state a maximum of five (5) entries total, counting the sum of middle school and high school entries.

Using ArcGIS Online: Maps must be created from an ArcGIS Online Organization account and must follow one of the ArcGIS Online formats:
      ArcGIS Online Presentation
ArcGIS Online Web App
 ArcGIS Online Story Map

Obtaining an ArcGIS Online account is free of charge 
from Esri for use in K-12 schools in the United States. To request an account, visit http://www.esri.com/connected#school.

Prizes: The top five high school and five middle school students/teams will receive a prize of $100. A national finalist will be chosen by the state from the high school category and the middle school category. Esri will select one national middle school and high school winner to attend Esri's Education GIS Conference in San Diego, CA on July 8-11, 2017. At the conference, national winners will showcase their map in the main Map Gallery!

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Esri National Competition Information: http://www.esri.com/landing-pages/connected-competition

Questions? Email tage.geography@gmail.com