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Texas Invent is registered with City of Allen in the State of Texas, TI owner is an Independent Inventor #333000 with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. We share ideas with

TI unites a virtual team of friends and colleagues from all over the world: seasoned business architects, technology entrepreneurs, open minded subject matter specialists, out of the box thinkers, brainstorming Innovation Think Tank.

ITT is laser focused on the idea and intellectual property generation, patent portfolio creation and management, enterprise application integration: in the cloud, with big data applications, protected cyber-secure IOT crypto-solutions. Most ITT folks are certified information systems security professionals (CISSP).

ITT clients and customers benefit from the fundamental EAI and International Security Counsel (ISC)2 methodologies, applied in wide range of IOT solutions: from old dog reliable, tried and proven, to the bleeding edge unique; end-to-end safe, scalable and available, from wearable and mobile to vocal speaking user interface, from web balancers to the middle-tier ACID transactional queued containers, from back-end databases to the high volume real time interfaces with SAP/R3 ERM CRM and legacy systems. 

Our latest project, "The HumanVoice" is a volunteer effort which has begun Summer 2016, we are looking for fundrasing-sponsor opportunity. However The Human Voice secure onion distributed architecture platform makes it possible to help with yet a newer development - Mr. Hitoshi Kokumai The OASIS 
Identity Assurance and Expanded Password System DRAFT Charter
Identity Assurance and Expanded Password System  DRAFT Charter

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Multilingual Collaboration Portal

Artificial Intelligence Vocal Communicator

As of 28.08.2016 the term HumanVoice was available for in the US Patent and TM Office Database

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Executive Brief

Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Executive Brief


in English

На языке Русов  

Executive Summary

Суть Проекта

More often than not migrants are reported by Forbes Magazine among outstanding world caliber executives.

From this angle this executive summary address is little bit unusual.

Dear Sir or Madam, recall a very first day when, with a little bag and few dollars in the pocket, arrived to Big Country, which nowadays cheers this person as leader of an international enterprise.

But first years were sleeples shifts in local restaurant, nights at a gas station,  mornings in a grocery store, pizza delivery  in between, saving hard earned extra dime for survival of immigrant family, kids and elderly parents.

With HumanVoice™ a team of volunteers  are trying to ease the enormous stress for newcomers at a new, unknown place.

Our portal front end app is preloaded on every free gift wristwatch, smartphone, tablet or notebook, provided thanks to a sponsor. The app can be also freely downloaded to any wearable, handheld, desktop communication device at the user’  will.

The app gives her or him a spark of courage and a friendly hand in a new, unknown environment, would it be big city megalopolis, or a remote, lost in the middle of nowhere, village in Siberia, where to migrant and family just arrived.

If you happen to find yourself in this kind of tough situation, with smart-watch/phone on hand, but without any computer skill, that is no problem, because with our app one does not need to know anything about  browser or computer.

As a matter of fact, the multilingual collaboration portal app is always on alert, it hears your voice and recognizes your face, will talk to you  when you need support most, speaking in your own mother tongue.

Or even in a rare dialect, which nobody else in the world have ever heard of, the app speaks naturally in your Nation language which you are proud of, as well as of your ancestors’ Flag, Hymn and Culture.

You want your kids and family keep your ancient customs intact in a new, often brutal modern world, full of noisy TV ads, muddy media streams often expose unexpected sexual patterns and offensive behavior.

Which are not fit in your family and community space, your inner world is not willing to accept them.

Surviving physically and mentally, you are seeking ways to protect your family   cultural treasures, customs, spiritual beliefs, and community and nation laws and keep them pure intact.

At these battle lines straight across our hearts, HumanVoice™ portal provides safe, protected, friendly, calm and convenient collaboration knowledge sharing.

It listens to your needs and speaks back to you in your own descriptive, native mother tongue language. It respects your national and cultural traditions, habits and beliefs.

You free to create your own safely protected community circles, stay connected with your kids, family, parents and friends in real time, round the clock, via friendly, encouraging HumanVoice™ vocal interface.

The multilingual collaboration portal employs Artificial Intelligence (AI)  acquiring data from world’s Knowledge Database.

Based on your spoken request Artificial Intelligence finds teachers, tutors, trainers and coaches, affordable universities, schools and classes,  recognized freelance speakers, offers you free or affordable, right on your tight budget, educational products and services.

The AI delivers studies and performs  knowledge transfer in your own spoken language, streams audio and video content, shaped exactly to your very needs, when you most need it.

While guarding your safety the app still keeps open, securely controlled entrance, for authorized people to join your private and public circles.

There is no way anyone can intrude into your privacy even if you have lost your smartwatch or phone, as  HumanVoice™™  recognizes your face, knows your voice, pulse, habits and more, it will immediately block your personal device in case it gets into wrong hands.

The portal safely keeps protected user personal environment, the app will immediately continue where you have left, once you get a new communication device and open HumanVoice™™ user interface.

No matter how far the quest conquer for a better life have brought the user, HumanVoice™ ™app calls support in the emergency, and maintains reliable connection with user family, friends, teachers, in native spoken language assists the user get a better job and improve quality of life anywhere in the world.


Журнал Форбс упоминает, что среди выдающихся руководителей мирового калибра мигранты не редкость.

Уважаемый господин Владелец Предприятия и Исполнительный Директор, вспомните-ка тот самый первый день, когда вы, с небольшим саквояжем и несколькими долларами в кармане, прибыли в эту большую страну надежд, которая в настоящее время чествует вас, руководителя  высокорентабельного, ведущего международного предприятия с миллиардным оборотом.

А те бессонные первые годы, работая вечером официантом в местном ресторане, ночью на заправочной станции, утром в продуктовом магазине, умудряясь в промежутках и пиццу доставлять, сохраняя честно заработанный дайм на выживание семьи, детей и пожилых родителей. Так было со многими, в том числе и с автором этих строк.

Поэтому главной целью портала HumanVoice™ является решение главной проблемы всех мигрантов, облегчить огромный стресс выживания в новых условиях для тех вновь прибывших мигрантов, которые действительно хотят и как могут, стремятся честно пробиться к лучшей жизни и им нужна помощь.

Кластер защищённых интеллектуальных серверов портала представлен внешнему миру  интерактивным голосовым приложением  HumanVoice™. В целом портал представляет собой  многоуровневую, самообучающуюся матрицу  искусственного интеллекта способную впитать и поделиться мировым знанием.

Голосовое приложение HumanVoice™ установлено на смартфоне каждого мигранта, предоставляемом ему вами, спонсором проекта. Дополнительно, его можно скачать совершенно без платно на андроид или айфон.

Портал вселяет в пользователя искру оптимизма, позитива, надежды и смелости, протягивает руку дружбы, поддержки и помощи в новой, чуждой,  незнакомой обстановке, будь то большой город, или затерянная в глуши деревенька, куда волею судеб прибыл мигрант, часто вместе с семьёй и детьми.

Пользователь портала, оказавшийся в этой ситуации, со смартфоном, планшетом, ноутбуком, даже без каких-то бы ни было элементарных навыков работы с браузером или другим современным программным обеспечением, с HumanVoice™ не потеряется, и не будет чувствовать себя в изоляции.

Общение идёт родным и близким голосом, поэтому мигранту не нужно абсолютно ничего знать ни о браузере, ни о программах, ни о компьютерной грамотности как таковой.

Умное  приложение HumanVoice™ не только  говорящее, но и всегда в состоянии полной боевой готовности, само говорит с вами, когда вам более всего нужна поддержка, а рядом некому помочь, оно будет общаться с вами легко и непринуждённо на вашем родном языке.

Или даже на том редком  диалекте, который, кроме вас и вашей общины, никто в мире даже и не слышал. Наше приложение говорит на родном языке народа, которым вы гордитесь, с уважением к вашим предкам, флагу, гимну и самородной исконной культуре.

Вы, безусловно, предпочитаете, чтобы ваши дети держались своих древних обычаев и культурно оставались нетронутыми в новом, часто брутальном современном мире, полном ТВ шума и рекламы, неожиданных поведенческих моделей, которые чужды устоям вашей семья и сообщества.

Эфир засорён сомнительными стереотипами,  которые вы не готовы принять, и хотели бы содержать в чистоте и безопасности ваши культурные и духовные сокровища. Устои семейной традиции и вековые законы жизни вашего сообщества.

Портал предоставляет вам именно эту уникальную,  дружелюбную, спокойную, удобную, абсолютно свободную от рекламы и психологического зомбирования среду индивидуального общения.

HumanVoice™ видит свет ваших потребностей и обращается к вам в описательной канве родного языка, соблюдая при этом ваши национальные и культурные традиции, привычки, обычаи, устои и верования.

В нашем портале, с помощью голосового интерфейса, вы сами создаёте свои собственные, защищённые сообщества, так называемые “круги”. Вы постоянно на голосовой и визуальной связи с вашими детьми, членами семьи, родителями и друзьями. Всё это происходит мгновенно в режиме реального времени. Просто скачайте наше без платное приложение на ваш смартфон, планшет, ПК.

В наш портал заложен мощнейший самообучающийся искусственный интеллект, он учтёт все ваши устные пожелания, найдет учителей, воспитателей, тренеров, специалистов ведущих университетов и школ, говорящих на вашем языке.

HumanVoice™ обеспечит ваше желание учиться, получать знания на вашем языке, сохраняя при этом открытый, надежно контролируемый вход в ваши круги только проверенным, зарегистрированным учителям и наставникам со всего света. Если они говорят на других языках, интеллект портала переведёт их уроки на ваш язык.

Благодаря запатентованной системе защиты не существует никакого способа кому то бы ни было вмешаться в вашу личную жизнь, даже если вы потеряли свой телефон. HumanVoice ™ знает ваш голос, лицо, сердцебиение, привычки и многое другое, и немедленно заблокирует ваш телефон в случае, если он пропал.  База данных хранит все ваши личные данные и установки, вы продолжите работу с того места, где вы её оставили, как только у вас появится средство связи.

Независимо от того, куда забросили человека поиски лучшей жизни, многоязычный портал HumanVoice™  всегда с вами, помогая образованию, улучшению условий вашей работы и жизни ваших детей и членов семьи, поддержке в чрезвычайной ситуации, надежной связи с родными и близкими, с друзьями и учителями из любой точки планеты.


  1. Project FAQ

Q1: What is the target market potential?

A1: The number of migrants in Russia, Germany, France, Spain grows due to the tense situation in the world (17 June 2016 Mr. Putin talks to AP, Reuters and Xinhua). More people with foreign countries passports or without any, continue to migrate to Russian Federation and Europe seeking jobs and safety. Nobody knows a total figure of migrants from all over the world, already settled in RF and Europe over last decade.

On assurances of some experts in 2016 there were several millions foreign nationals, with about 4 million of them staying illegally, and another 860,000 by issued temporary stay documents, obliged to leave, but, as a matter of fact, still remaining at their arrival places.
President Putin announced welcome and support for immigrants coming to Russia, and the migration odometer overloaded. In analysts opinion, the average number of migrants from all corners of the world settled today in Russia alone exceeds 10 million.

It also happens that some citizens of other countries not only arrived illegally, but due to their ignorance of state official language and state law, some of them interact violently with other communities, causing stocking pile of unsolved problems, leading to an increase in the number of offenses, including fraud, inconsistency or fake immigration documents spread, theft and vandalism.

Fortunately, the most common migrant flow characteristics to the country are labor migration, and these individuals are not participating in the above stated activities. Simply put, people and their families with kids, parents and relatives continue to come to the RF and Europe to find new jobs, better life and shelter themselves from abuse or even risk of slavery in their own countries.

The final approximate statistics is as follows: the major donor countries which inhabitants continue to migrate to Russia this year:

 Uzbekistan    2+M

 Ukraine         2+M  

 Tajikistan      1+M

 Kazakhstan    0.5+M  

 Armenia        0.4+M  


Languages: Russia and Europe user base HumanVoice™ has to understand and speak is enormous, much more than 10M+ of Russia alone, at least 15M+, not taking into account the rest of the world. The portal’ Artificial Intelligence Voice Recognition/Generation languages include and are not limited to: Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Uzbek, Ukrainian, Tajik, Turkish, Kazakh, Armenian, Chinese, Caucasis, Indian, Japanese and more.  One may forsee the 10M+ migrants in Russia a fraction of the world’ user immigration base, looking for free, affordable, voice/spoken language enabled mobile app - educator and helper, therefore 100M+ user base may seem a reality.

Q2: What about portal Business Model?

A2: The HumanVoice™ Business Model Platform (BMP) is represented in the portal system and method, by wealth of Business Requirements, enriched with Business Logic (BL)  Functionality and Use Case Scenarios, which are defined by the UML Model.

BMP is implemented as scalable pool of Services, exposed externally or internally as:

○  human actor registration, education, circles management

○  system (robot) actor and user (human) actor collaboration

○  knowledge discovery, absorption, accumulation, transfer, transformation, translation and delivery to the user actor

○  artificial intelligence (AI) services
Artificial intelligence is technology that appears to emulate human performance typically by learning, coming to its own conclusions, appearing to understand complex content, engaging in natural dialogs with people, enhancing human cognitive performance (also known as cognitive computing) or replacing people on execution of nonroutine tasks. Applications include autonomous vehicles, automatic speech recognition and generation and detecting novel concepts and abstractions (useful for detecting potential new risks and aiding humans quickly understand very large bodies of ever changing information).
○  business intelligence (BI) services
“By 2018, smart, governed, search-based and visual-based data discovery will converge in a single form of next-generation data discovery that will include self-service data preparation and natural-language generation.”

○  knowledge asset, media, content, information, data slicing and dicing

○  knowledge, studies, information and data sharing

○  geolocation based service

○  safety prioritized service, the securest possible Single-sign-on SSO, Roles, Policies, coupled with the proven latest anti-hacking measures

BMP is flexible enough to
○ drop obsolete and absorb newborn services,
○ various migrant targeted services, both existing and newly developed,
○ said services are plugged-in, registered and published
○ via openly accessible registry repository, for the externally exposed services reach all interested consumers

○  externally exposed services adhere to Internet Standard Request for Comments (RFC)

○  both openly published and internally used, all services activities, required by the Law as auditable, are logged, at customized level of detail, by the Audit Service

○ AI, BI, BL are embedded within scalable pools, implemented in a variety of leading technologies

○ Externally exposed services are built upon HTML5, UDDI, WSDL, WSIL, SOAP, WS-I

○ Internally consumed services are built using C/C++ RFC/RPC, transactional MTS/COM, COM+/.NET/Enterprise Services Serviced Components, HTML5, PHP, ASP, Java, Servlet, EJB, J2EE
HumanVoice™ The Matrix architecture gives each participating developer freedom of choice of an advanced technology for a better performance of the final product or service, while adhering to major internet and enterprise integration standards.

Q3: What are the portal's future core products and services?

A3: First:

Migravoice™ embeds “Safety First” offering, unique value add full alert safety and education programme, refer to the investor presentation HumanVoice™ ™ Family and Kids Native Language Educator, Safety Guard, Emergency Helper, Rescue Advisor and Personal Assistant.  


Traditional offering of Internet Of Things (IOT) kinds of online voice enabled activities, verbally/visually presented to the user in her native language, including:

-  Studying, learning, training, coaching, tutoring, doctor’s help,

-  ambulance rescue call support, knowledge transfer products and services,

-  Unique feature of individually utilizing migrant user’ cultural, religious and native customs, traditions and community centric expectations,

-  Managing virtual tours across sponsor’s or other freely chosen users’ online university, school, class, malls, stores, auctions, galleries, shops,

-  Acts as a vocal unintrusive/gently speaking friend, teacher, trainer, knowledgeable sales guide,

-  Offers selection of the most appropriate as of migrant request, free or affordable per migrant’ budget: School, University, Class, Experienced Tutor, Knowledgeable Coach, Personal Trainer, Freelance Educator, Ministry Pastor;

-  IOT products and services, targeting to satisfy the goals of a particular migrant, the consumer of both new knowledge and merchandise goods,

-  Ensure full educatee and customer satisfaction by means of voice-AI-enabled guidance in the crowded internet of things market space;


AI & BI - Artificial and Business Intelligence value-add services

-  Statistics, Behavioral, Habitual, Transactional, Audit Record Logs,

-  AI/BI products normalized and accumulated in the Big Data Cloud Cube,

-  Data and knowledge sliced, diced, analysed by client/customer required criteria,

-  translated, transformed out of user base unique vocal requests,

-  user online behavior customs and patterns,

-  IOT products and services education and merchandise experiences, (dis)likes,

-  Multi-dimensional analysis reports, prepared and formatted to the

-  international requirements and standards for the AI/BI client and customer digest,

-  Web-services UDDI SOAP enabled, with as many as required subscription levels,

-  five-nines 99999 highly available, real time agile and resilient,

-  conveniently preset or fully custom tuned, variety of IOT products and services

-  a particular needs of worldwide media and corporate clients and customers.


-  HumanVoice™ offers a rainbow of mother tongue capable user-specific knowledge transfer education, emergency rescue help, training and coaching, shopping guidance, family and friends circles, community collaboration, ministry messenger, ræbaɪ, priest, pastor involvement;

-  Equipped and capable of wealth of migrant family and kids expected, familiar, native, culture specific, nationally oriented and friendly shaped IOT products and services,

-   With plenty of migrant’ everyday use and survival services, a complete situational in-depth analysis and rescue helper, with daily bread decision making awareness, light, friendly, un-intrusive yet effective tutoring, coaching advisory tool.

-   In short, HumanVoice™ is migrant’ personal educator, coach, doctor and tutor, community ministry pastor, family unity enabler, migrant care taker, kids, teenagers safety SOS link, peacemaker and calmness provider, emergency helper, readily available rescue assistant, the User Friend.

Q4: Competition. Any existing service providers in the market?

A4: Covered in the investor presentation. Except nice app with a talking pet which teaches kid how to take care of  her future alive cat or dog or another friend animal, we have not seen othe educational  “talking” app/portal capable of artificial intelligence teaching the user in her mother tongue language or even a rare dialekt. The app/portal audience is nationality inclined, the way the app communicates with each user is voice/visual. The UI is capable of utilizing the traditional smart-watch-brooche-ring or hand-held and desktop devices. However the user preferred primary communication device is evolving. We see the boost of wrist watch phones, tomorrow they will shrink to the size of the bracelet, ring or brooches, completely lacking usability of the traditional tap-touch-screen interface.

With our camera-voice enabled talking HumanVoice™ assistant, no other offering on the market comes close in adhering to the upcoming era of tiny IOT personal communicators, more and more affordable, especially in terms of coverage of the multi-million unserved migrant (open wound) user base in Russia alone.

It is clear to those experienced in the art, that there is no product similar to HumanVoice™ way of approaching the migrant market niche, both in scale and goals. On the other hand migrant audience are not the sole users of the portal, in fact, any person willing to receive free-to-inexpensive education plus get help in an emergency, in her mother tongue language will gladly join the portal user base.

The famous competition might be the Life360 family circle app, part location, part communication, as of time of writing L360 serves 30 million registered families and 70 million involved users, connected to each other’s circles and enjoying the L360 services.

But L360 does not educate, coach, or otherwise care of migrant-centric user base, their  immediate needs, neither it talks in native user language or takes into account user  nationality  implications and community cultural preferences

Moreover, HumanVoice™ pursues different goals in contrast to L360 goals, therefore one would guess that these two would not compete, rather one could foresee them both as a win-win partnership relationship candidates, presumably efficiently complimenting each other’s functionality, for both sides mutual benefit. HumanVoice™  is not after L360’s middle-to-wealthy class user base, and vice versa, less likely L360 with its 70M+ existing user base represented by good salaries folk social niche, might be tapping into primarily poor-to-low income, less educated migrant audience, who most likely could not afford the L360 subscription fees.

HumanVoice™ might explore an opportunity in an attempt to establish a fruitful work relationships with Life360, as both sides may enrich each other’s audiences in an added value quality ways. For instance, by mutually developing and establishing a high-capacity real time interface, between the two systems, to flow our verbal language mother tongue migrant specific value add services, towards certain circles of L360 migrant-aware registered families, in return the HumanVoice™ may relay the suite of L360 user popular services into the migrant audiences.

We differ from the Life360. Features : Life360 is both a web and mobile application and was referred to as a "family-oriented private social network" by Bloomberg Businessweek. The app is a social network for families and differentiates itself in this way as it is not based around peer groups or professional networks such as Find My Friends and LinkedIn. It allows users to share locations, group message, and call for roadside assistance. It has four main features which include location sharing, circles, places, and premium. Locations sharing: The main feature of the app. Users can open the app and see where other members are instantly. Users can choose to share or not to share their location with any particular circle at any particular time. Circles : Circles is the app’s newest feature, released on September 3, 2013. Circles allows users to create separate groups within the app, e.g. “caregivers,” “extended family,” and “my baseball team.” Users’ location is only visible to those who are also in the circle, and members in “caregivers” cannot see the location of users in “extended family,” unless they are also in that circle. Places: Life360 allows users to create geofences that alert them when another enters or leaves another location. Premium : Life360 operates as a freemium app, and users can pay for extra features. These extra features include: stolen phone insurance, access to a live advisor 24/7, unlimited “Places” creation, and emergency roadside assistance.

Q5: Marketing  Strategy (ways of attracting service providers and  consumers to the portal, list of potential service providers),  potential advertisers

A5:  Covered in the investor presentation  

Q6: User Identification, Security Technical Architecture

A6:  Security Logical and Technical Architecture shown at the high level in the investor presentation. The app/portal are protected end-to-end by the Security Onion Methodology for highly scalable IOT Big Data Cloud Systems in the “CISSP Book” by1300ebb.png.

Q7: User Interface (way of user/portal communication) and  technology to use (phone, wristwatch etc.)

A7: HumanVoice™ ™Vocal User Interface (VUI) app/portal is a unified front end capable to run on most popular user communicators, including: smartwatch, wristwatch, ring, brooche, phone, tablet, desktop. The app employs underlying API on the one hand, and default browser on the other. No matter which intercourse of voice command or touch/tap/mouse/keyboard  interaction with the device sensors the user chooses, the VUI stays in focus of user conversation, verbal and tactile. synchronized.

Programmatically the VUI employs the communicator’ OS security libraries (RSA, ECC), remote function calls (RFC), remote procedure calls (RPC), TCP/IP/SSL to establish secure data link with the portal. The Matrix, in essence unity of Business, Logical and Technical Architectures,  maintains the UML generated at the logical level, further distributed at enterprise integration architecture (EAI) level, the portal Object Model, technically dispersed across the web farm, the middle tier and Data  back end.

Visual input, Camera  and the Speech flow received from the mike is semantically studied for the meaning of linguistic expressions and quantum split for further normalization into more common workable predefined patterns for bearable by the app’ limited resources simplicity of AI analysis and voice recognition/generation algos. This, in part, is achieved by AI knowledge of human’ social, behavioral and physiological behaviors.
If the app can not right away semantically sanitize and recognize the user speech, it gently guides the user towards set of clearly predefined situational cases in common spoken patterns, the user feels relief that she or he do not need to think much about constructing clear statements, instead, based on a pool of AI knowledge the app and the user communicate in simpler common to the particular culture vocal terms.

The portal and the app together apply the spread AI algos to helps user speak up the request with guidance of friendly voice, filtering out phrases set describing exact user request. The Artificial Intelligence or “smart machine” is spread, in the balanced manner, across the UI app and the server-side portal, according to the powers of the underlying HW/SW platforms.
Once the app and the user agree on the shaped request topic, it is been absorbed by the app, translated into applicable for data exchange content, embedded into UI request-response information flow, securely reaching the Web Farm for further analysis and processing by the BL, AI and BI in the EAI (enterprise application integration) Tier and the Back End of the portal, the Secure Onion Matrix.

Eventually the AI learns and adjusts its behaviors based on the non-stop yet unannoying voice and image user communication experience, gradually improving the quality of the AI services towards the human over time. This process makes user feel smarter and happier, as she or he feels like the human is educating the machine to speak better and better, and, in return, the AI is providing higher quality of knowledge transfer, education, collaboration and care taking services to the user.

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