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Welcome Page

Welcome to the UT Austin Geo-Institute Graduate Student Organization Website!

We are a student chapter of the ASCE Geo-Institute and are mostly comprised of graduate students in the UT Geotechnical Engineering program.

Mission Statement

The mission of our organization is to focus the talents and experiences of geotechnical engineering students to the following areas: 

  • Enhance awareness of geotechnical engineering among students
  • Provide a forum to discuss current events and new technologies with peers
  • Foster an exciting learning environment
To help achieve this, we help host or organize several events throughout the year. We organize regular seminars with presenters from industry (Industry Speaker Series) to expose us to current challenges within the geotechnical engineering practice and to improve our knowledge with lessons learned from real projects. We also encourage UT Geotech students to present their research work internally or at geotechnical conferences so that we can better learn about state-of-the-art research being conducted among the different branches of geotechnical engineering.

Happy faces after a great presentation by one of our Industry Speakers accompanied by pizza!

We are also well-represented at the annual International Foundations Congress and Equipment Expo (IFCEE, or GeoCongress). Below are pictures of current UT geotech students, professors, and UT alumni in attendance at previous GeoCongress conferences.

Geotechnical Frontiers 2017 - Orlando, Florida

  IFCEE (GeoCongress) 2015 GeoCongress 2014
 GeoStructures 2016 - Phoenix, ArizonaIFCEE (GeoCongress) 2015 - San Antonio, Texas GeoCongress 2014 - Atlanta, Georgia 

Other events include the Buchanan Lecture, which takes place at Texas A&M during the fall semester, and the Reese Memorial Lecture and Golf Tournament, hosted by UT in the spring semester. Each of these feature presentations from highly esteemed professionals in the field and are well attended by students and industry professionals from across the state.

 UT students after the Buchanan Lecture Series at Texas A&M University (Fall 2016) UT professors and students after the Reese Lecture by Dr. Burland (Spring 2012) UT students after the Reese Lecture by Dr. Stokoe (Spring 2011)

Please explore the rest of our website to see more pictures from events throughout the year and more information regarding this and previous year's Industry Speaker lectures!
 Engineering Geology Field Trip (Summer 2017) Engineering Geology Field Trip (Summer 2016)Engineering Geology Field Trip (Summer 2012)