Off the Beaten Roads in Texas

                                                                                 photograph by John Ford, ADV

I came across a dirt road
And thought I heard it say
I know you’ve driven asphalt
But please turn down this way.
And so I answered the dirt road
And rode down its first mile
The things I saw as I trudged on
Caused me to slow and smile.


What is motorcycle dualsporting? It is riding on non-paved roads and trails as well as paved roads. Nearly any bike will ride off paved roads depending on rider's skill level and the bike. However, most DS bikes have greater than average suspension and tires that are better suited to rough terrain.

Why do we ride on non-paved roads? Those that do can list many reasons. For some it is a group activity, others prefer the solitude and opportunities to experience beyond the well beaten roads. For most, it is a deep calling to explore where few others dare go.
What you can find here

Pages on this website contain annotated maps of roads suitable for motorcycle dualsport riding in Texas.

This project is a non-commercial collaborative effort by a group of Texas-based riders.  The maps represent public roads which have been ridden in the past and were found to be fun and passable.  However, many of these roads are gravel or poorly paved, and road conditions are subject to change, especially during or after rain events. 

Use this map as only a guide and be aware of changing weather and road conditions.  You alone are responsible for your riding safety.  If you find changes or hazards, please contact the road authority in the area and let us know if the map should be changed.

Use the navigation bar on the left to find specific maps, tutorials and other content. This website is a collaborative effort and continually updated with added information and maps. Check back often to see what's new.
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Note that website content (especially maps with routes/locations) is a ongoing project and thus continually changing.