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There are often bugs and issues in new video games which need to be discovered by video game beta testers. For those interested in becoming a video game tester there are an increasing amount of website’s which connect video game tester’s with jobs offered by gaming companies.


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In such a booming industry there is an continuous demand for video game testers. Microsoft and Ubisoft, for example, require keen and motivated video gamers to beta test their unreleased video games. It is costly if a company releases a game with too many bugs and issues.

It seems as though the gaming industry as a whole is resistant to recent economic problems. As Shayne Well, contributor to Fox 12 states: “With the price of just about everything through the roof, people are changing their spending habits. And while most industry's are struggling right now, the gaming world is flying high.” It follows that video game tester jobs are set to be in high supply.

To get a video game tester job the applicant needs to own the gaming platform for which they want to test video games on. If your still reading this I don't think that is going to be the problem. The standard procedure is that the video game tester is mailed the unreleased video game with a survey sheet enclosed. The video game tester then completes the entire game and returns the survey noting any issues or bugs they encountered. Upon receiving the survey the gaming company will then mail the video game tester a check.

New gaming platform’s are constantly being introduced – the most recent being Nintendo's WII- which in turn increases the demand for video game testers. Traditionally, there is greater deand for testers in the summer. A lot of gaming companies push for a Christmas release- so the QA phase needs to be completed months in advance to meet this deadline.

A recent survey of experienced gamestesters, concluded that the site led the pack in terms of money paid although it was limited to over 18's, it also excelled in customer service and hab the best record of bonuses and giveaways. Many of it's testers reported being able to earn over $100 an hour on some products. came in first amongst those that allowed under18's to participate. Payments were somewhat lower and the level of prizes and other incentives were scaled down. Customer service and the frequency of assignments were rated high.

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