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Free web hosting sounds so tempting. Like everything else that is free, however, there is usually a catch. The catch is usually the fact that the web host will put ads on your website over which you have no control. This is the price you pay for your free website.

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You cannot blame the host. They have to generate income somehow. What better way than to promote their ads on your content. Every time someone comes on your site to visit you, they are hit with a barrage of ads. In some free websites, they may have a hard time not clicking on the ads. The ads can move all over the page causing you or your friends to accidentally click on them.

After someone has clicked on an ad on your free web page, they can then expect to receive quite a bit of e-mail from not only the site that they clicked on, but also any other similar business.

Shared web hosting is a way to get your website online with a reliable server. It has drawbacks when compared with a dedicated server. Depending on your type of business, or reason for your website, you may be better off using shared web hosting.

The following types of websites are much better off using shared web hosting than a dedicated server:

    *Fan websites that do not sell products but are devoted to a particular celebrity;

    * Personal websites that are used to keep in touch with family members all over the country;

* Self promotion websites, such as those that post your resume or Art;

     * Small business websites that sell a service where the client calls your phone number;

     * Small business websites that sell specialty items and do not generate a lot of traffic.

These sites will do well with shared service hosting. The way shared web hosting works is that the server hosts many different websites that all share the space and bandwidth. The above websites are typical examples of those that can benefit from a shared service website that costs little money to maintain each month as well as low start up costs.

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Businesses that need a dedicated server might include:


  * Dating sites

       * Large product sale sites

       * A law firm website for employees

       * A corporate website for employees only

       * Large social networking sites that rely 

      on ad revenue

The above each need the maximum amount of space for databases, such as dating site forums and shopping carts, as well as bandwidth to accommodate large amounts of traffic. Corporate and legal websites, as well as other websites that contain confidential information, also do better with a dedicated server as it provides additional security.

Forums and shopping carts tend to take up quite a bit of space, more than is usually allotted on a shared server. If you are planning on offering such conveniences on your website, you will probably want to have a dedicated server.

Law firms must maintain confidentiality for their clients. By having a dedicated server, they can doubly insure their security Because no one else is on the server but the law firm, it heightens security. And the service provider can make it additionally secure so that the confidential information remains confidential.

A large social networking site usually generates revenue from ads. In order to accommodate the traffic these site entail, a dedicated server is necessary. Sharing bandwidth with other websites will only slow down traffic to your site and lose ad revenue as people get disgusted with the down time and move on to another social networking site.

There are many choices to make when choosing the right web host for your internet site. Whether you choose a shared server to host your site or a dedicated server depends upon the type of website that you have, the revenue you expect to generate and the traffic you hope to attract. Although dedicated servers cost more to maintain each month, they may be well worth the additional cost in the long run and may actually end up saving you money or adding to your revenue.

Free web hosting is fine if you want to have a social page, a resume page or even a small website devoted to a celebrity. For business revenue, however, it is not the best choice

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 Although you may have the most wonderful products for sale through your website at bargain prices, you can only sell them if people visit your website. When using free web hosting your are limited. In most cases, you can have one account and cannot post links between accounts. Most free web hosting is for personal purposes only and rarely allows business selling.

If you want to make money on the internet, the best way to do it is to use a dedicated server. This way, you can not only place any ads that you want on your site that will generate income for you as you are the website host, but you can also use the extra space to make up other websites that can use keywords to draw people to your sales website. The content containing keywords shows up on the search engines and people are directed to your small, content site. Here, they read some information and receive a link to your money making site.

Free web hosting is good for those who only want to use the internet sparingly, but not for the purpose of making money. Even a shared server, which is a step up from a free server, and is basically the same thing only gives you more space and bandwidth as well as freedom, is limited. To truly make money on the internet, you have to make use of all aspects, including the ads and affiliate links.

Advertising on the internet can be free if you understand how to use the search engines to generate interest in your products as well as use a dedicated server to its maximum abilities. While a free web hosting service is a fine idea for a personal website that can help you keep your family updated about your life, it is not the way to make money on the internet.

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