President's Page

August 2015


Dear Fellow Texas Air Force Association Members,


I am honored to have been elected to serve as the President of Air Force Association (AFA) Texas.  Whether you are in our United States Air Force as a uniformed member, a civilian member of the team, a family member, or if you just believe that our Air Force must remain viable in order to help protect our way of life and are willing to stand up for that, then in my mind, you are an “Airman.”  Our nation is at a critical point in its history.  We are faced with making difficult decisions, and unfortunately, our military is bearing the brunt of those decisions from our leaders in Washington. Now more than ever, it’s vital that our leaders hear the voice of reason and look to the future of our great Nation and ensure its survivability.  You can be part of that voice by being a part of the Air Force Association!


The real work of AFA happens at the Chapter and the National level.  At the Chapter level, we organize activities to bring our members together for informative or fun activities and share fellowship with our comrades.  More importantly, chapters are the “boots on the ground” to work with community leaders, business leaders, local, State, and National Congressional representatives, school teachers and administrators, and most critically, the youth of our State to accomplish the three-fold mission of the AFA—Educate, Advocate, and Support.



At the National level, the AFA works hard to highlight to the media, to large corporate supporters, to the Department of Defense and Congressional delegations, the priorities our Air Force needs to continue to be fully able to support and defend our nation with unparalleled air and space power.


The two intervening levels of the organization—State and Region (in our case, the Texoma Region, logically comprising the States of OK and TX)—exist, in my mind, for two reasons.  First of all, these intermediate levels are structured to facilitate the “rubber meets the road” efforts of our chapters to Educate, Advocate, and Support at the local level throughout our great State.  Through our Executive Committee and State VPs, I want to open lines of communication and share “best practices” to improve the effectiveness of our chapters to serve members in their communities.  I want to help open doors for our chapters to tell the AFA story at Air Force installations throughout Texas.  In addition, the State and Region exists to bridge the gap and facilitate communication between our National organization and the chapters.


As your State President, I am committed to making our organization grow and flourish.  If you are visiting this site and are currently an AFA member, I welcome you and encourage you to reach out to the local chapter in your specific area.  If you are not now a member of AFA, I hope you will consider joining our organization and becoming involved in the work we do.  Please feel free to contact me (at if I can be of any assistance.




Bob Gehbauer, President

AFA Texas