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Well hello there, hello, hello welcome to this website! I've been doing no work on it at all! I just decided that I'd do a bit of updating! So... um, there are a couple of things I noticed now I'm back....
...and... I've noticed that every single person is now gone.  
EVERY SINGLE PERSON! That's got to be a record, dammit!
So, Pokemon B/W is coming out.... whoopee. Post on Cbox if you've got an opinion, void!
You won't be able to find me anywhere anymore.
So.... I guess this is goodbye...
I was such an arse when I was updating this before...
-From your charasmatic, charming site owner, Raichu203!
5.1.09- Monday


Right then, hello. For today's update, I'm going to tell you that my page "Da Awesomeness" is currently being written. It won't be up today but soon enough, I hope. As for today, I have added some more SSBB Avatars. There's more coming. This update is centered on avatars. Enjoy them because they took a while to make. I like the one of Snke "Vulcan Death Gripping" Ike. Lol. I had ran out of ideas. Tomorrow I hope, I will haveat least 10 new avatars on SSBB. Seeya.

Also, I apologize for not adding the Toon Link signature yesteryday. It slipped my mind but it is here now. Enjoy it.

ToonLink.bmp - Link to the Toon Link Sig

Live long and prosper!

~Tev (getting ready for the gathering of soccer freaks- if you don't know what I mean, read yesterday's update.)

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------4.1.09- Sunday

Happy birthday TPA!!! May you have a great year! Enjoy your graphics tablet as much as I'm enjoying Star Trek and my laptop! For all Toon Link users I've added a Toon Link signature. Be happy. I got a shock today. I got Startrekoverwatchitis. Whatever the made up term is, I could only take one and one quarter of my third Trek tape. I didn't think taht I'd be able toupdate today but, I try. I actually added a page today- Sites to visit. A list of good sites that I like. No links but most can be found by Googling the names. Ah well. My annoying little brother is having his birthday party tomorrow (groan) and I've organized the SSBB tournament. Can anyone prescribe a cure for Startrekoverwatchitis? Because I can't ask Doctor McCoy... (reason: I'd be talking to my television. Second reason: the whole point is that I can't see Doctor McCoy... SAVE MY SOUL!)...OK, I've gone mad. Talking about Star Trek... time to up the sig and maybe indulge in a Quality Street... or have a brawl using Wolf or Falco. One more thing... I made a movie on my phone today. I can't put it up because I speak in it, but the story line is that Domo-Kun (google him) and his high preist Spock (or a blockman of him) along with a chibi Empoleon and Gabite fight the Bully Cow (a kind of novelty ice cream holder that looks like a cow) and his high preist Sulu (or a blockman of him) along with a chibi Glaceon and Machamp fight in a war. Domo wins because he's great. My uncle made one too, but it involved Domo crushing Spock and doing an evil laugh and knocking the Bully Cow in two. It was disturbing. Lol. Tomorrow Imight add a page called "Da Awesomness". Guess what will be on it. Bet you can't.

Live long and prosper!

~Tev (I'ts like 12 O'Clock at night where I am right now and I'm hyper.) 


3.1.09- Saturday

Hey. All I managed to do today was add a new avatar in the Brawl Avatars section... along with adding another signature, this time, Wolf! Enjoy. If you can. This is such a lousy update... there's nothing much for me to do. So... this is the deal. What do you want to see on my site? Like, what? Please post some suggestions in the Cbox and hopefully (if I'm not lazy), I'll add the page. OK. Get posting. The new brawl avatar can be found at "SSBB Avatars"- it's a Dedede one. "Own or be owned". Lol.

Live long and prosper!

~Tev (About to indulge in daily three episodes of Star Trek with annoying brother)

Wolf.jpg- Link to the Wolf sig.


2.1.09- Friday

I have forgotten what day of the week it is. I just remembered by looking at yesterday's post. Lucky me. My holidays were pretty cool, but now I'm back and jet-lagged. The first thing I have to say is sorry, but there's no real update today, just another signature. This time for all Snake Users. I haven'tdone mch more work on the project, but it is still going well. We have a new unite- New Nations. You can visit it where Auropaws is. Finally, look at the Cbox page. You'll be surprised.

Live long and prosper!

~Tev (reaching for the sick bowl)

Snake.jpg- Link to the Snake Sig


1.1.09- Thursday

Happy new year! It's now 2009! It's going to take a long while for me to get used to it. Anyway, for January, I changed the month's featured sprite, and the Pokémon of the month, it's Arcanine, after my Arcanine, Sulu. I have also added the next episode of Team Dark Chaos. "Fight at the crossroads". I have also returned the Cbox after a few minutes of thinking. Only schoolfriends and RL friends may post. No phantom interneters (no offense if you don't know me). Anyway, the project is going really well, I say that I'm about 1/3rd of the way through it. I'm now going to try to update every day until my winter break ends. Every day I will add one more SSBB signature. Today's is Sonic the Hedgehog!

sonic.bmp- Link to the Sonic Sig.

Live long and prosper!

~Tev (I'm listening to Smash Mouth's "All Star" too much)



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