Tetrogue is roguelike game created for 7drl 2013 challenge.
Actually I was able to work around 8 hours during first day, around 2 hours each working day, and coderush for 14 hours during final day.
Original 7drl release contains several nasty bugs, luckily all of them were trivial to fix.
I highly recommend to play fix3 version. No gameplay changes, only technical fixes of bugs mostly caused by rush.

Here are a few hints for those who think that the game is too hard/unbalanced.
 - casting spells do not take a turn. Wizard can cast a lot of spells without enemies moving. As long as he have the energy. And the energy can be restored by crafting an energy potion. But only elemental tiles do restore the energy!
Rogue can power up his attack while in a safe spot, attack a dangerous enemy once, then hide in shadows and retreat. Just don't forget to restore the energy if you spent it. Wait several turns by pressing numpad 5 or w to do so.
 - crafting also do not take a turn. Sometimes in a tight situation you might want to craft an armor that specifically blocks a threatening enemy attack. Sometimes it's worth to level up right in front of an enemy, to strengthen your character.
 - Defence is regenerating each turn. If you got some damage while fighting an enemy, you can retreat and regenerate your defence. This way you can defeat all enemies without loosing hitpoints. Hitpoints in this game is more of a safety buffer then resource that can be spent. Probably only level 3-4 warrior can strategically spend some hitpoints on the last level.
 - grey pieces are empty. They have no value in armor and in weapon. Use them for leveling up and as a filler in potions.
 - When playing as the wizard, be careful with autorunning. It can get you in a very undesirable situation. Try to autorun 1 tile before the turn, then step manually.
 - Enemies do not chase you indefinitely. If an enemy can't see you for several turns, it stops.

And don't forget, that it's a roguelike game. It's not always winnable. There can be situations where you can do nothing. But the game is short and plays fast. If played carefully, it can be won often enough.