Kakasoft  Tetris VB.net Source Code

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Tetris Visual Basic .NET Source Code Project Files

Visual Basic .NET source code help you to learn Visual Basic .NET programming.
Visual Basic .NET source code provide some visual forms.
Visual Basic .NET source code show you how to make VB .NET classes.
Visual Basic .NET source code give you some useful control, such as LED component.
Visual Basic .NET source code show you the method of using Visual Studio.NET and making VB .NET project.

 Source Code Name  Description
 CGame.vb  Implementation of the CGame VB .NET class.  (Define game rule)
 CMainForm.vb  Implementation of the CMainForm VB .NET class.
 CModBox.vb  Implementation of the CModBox VB .NET class.
 CModules.vb  Implementation of the CModule VB .NET class and its children
 CLed.vb  Implementation of the CLed VB .NET class.
 CLevel.vb  Implementation of the CLevel VB .NET class.
 CField.vb  Implementation of the CField VB .NET class.
 CPreview.vb  Implementation of the CPreview VB .NET class.
 COption.vb  Implementation of the COption VB .NET class.
 CAbout.vb  Implementation of the CAbout VB .NET class.
 others  bmp, icon