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Welcome to the Source Code Inside!

Free download and play, pay for source code and programming services

You can get the classical source code of Tetris game in several different programming languages and tools, include VC (Visual C++, Win32 API), Java (Borland JBuilder, JDK 1.4), VB (Visual Bisic ), Delphi (Borland Delphi), CB (Borland C++ Builder), C#(C Sharp) and VB.net.

Q: Is there any difference between a small sample source code (like "Hello World") and the classical Tetris source code?

A: Yes, there are many differences between them, include

  • The Tetris source code have more than 3,000 lines (and have a worth of less than $10)
  • You can learn how to make up a project
  • You can learn programming by playing the classical game
  • You can learn many language skills from the source code
  • You can teach yourself in 21 days, indeed, successfully
  • You can ask author questions about the source code and programming skills
  • You can learn a new language quickly if you compare it with another language you are familiar with

Now, you can see Tetris project files and find out whether they are useful for you.