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TetraWind - a woodwind quartet comprised of flute, oboe, clarinet & bassoon - is a classical music ensemble whose thought-provoking, theme-based programs combine with interactive presentations to create a revolutionary concert experience.

"I've been very impressed by the work of TetraWind, from the viewpoint both of performing expertise and the group's imaginative choice of repertoire, the latter ranging from skillful transcriptions of lightweight favorites, to deft explorations of original, often underplayed works by American composers.  I've been pleased to include the ensemble among those featured on my WQXR series, The McGraw-Hill Companies' Young Artists Showcase."

Robert Sherman, Program Director - WQXR


"TetraWind is a most outstanding ensemble!  Their ability to excite the audience with their engaging personalities, choice of repertoire, and, most of all, complete devotion to the music, is a joy to behold."

Susan Olsen, Director of Programming - The Woolworth Chapel


"Thank you so much for the wonderful TetraWind concert...This was one of our most outstanding programs.  The artistry of each member of the group was remarkable.  Needless to say, the response and ovation by the audience was well earned."

Belle Sylvester, Classical Music Programs - Freeport Memorial Library 


"Thank you for the excellent job you did.  Everything sounded absolutely lovely and many [audience members] commented on how much they enjoyed the music.  We can't wait to get the video so we can hear it all over again"

Julian F., Private Client


"We can't rave enough about the new up and coming group, TetraWind."

Jim Wroten - Jim and Anne's Web Space