The Project

PSYRIS (PSYchology Resource Information System)






Background: The \"California Psychology Network\" website provides, among other services, a searchable referral directory allowing individual psychologists to display information about their pratices. The records are served at, and also from Sacramento Valley and the Marin County Psychological Association websites ( and

The database is searchable by regions in the state and by practice specialties (see here: Search results produce a list, with each entry being linked to an individual record page view.

Data entry is online via browser. The data entry screen can be viewed here: (creates a new record and the allows access to record for editing. Dummy data can be used, but please do not enter a \"region code\" in any record created).

Administration is accomplished via direct access to the database server. The static webpages are served by a commercial host. The data base is served from my office.

Problem: The above system is built on and served by a \"legacy\" database application, an older version of Filemaker Pro, and it relies on a markup language that is no longer supported. The system has functioned continuously for more than five years, but a concern exists about future stability. In addition, the operator wishes to add features and enhancements, but without building on a foundation that is out of date and substantially less than standard and generic.

Platform requirements: The system needs to run on a generic platform and be executed with generic code. The server currently in use for static pages provides support for PHP and MySQL. (See here for server information: Other systems could be recommended.