The Tesuji Go Club of Columbus OH is a group of individuals who meet to play and discuss the wonderful board game Go. The club meets most Sundays from 1:00 to 5:00 in the Northwest corner of the second floor of North Market in Columbus, OH. We have about 5 game sets for club use, but many of us also bring our own sets to play with.

We are a pretty informal group. We don't charge membership fees or generally expect anything of anyone. Participate as much or as little as you like. Feel free to stop by for any portion of the 4 hour window for a game or some lively go chat.

We have players of largely varying age, ethnicity, and skill level. From Korea to China to the U.S., we rank from the highly skilled 6 Dan all the way to the newest beginner. You should be able to find a game to suit your ability and level of interest.

If you are new to the game of Go, be sure to check out our For Beginners page. It has a ton of information you may find useful.


Parking is available in a variety of locations around North Market. The attached lot at North Market requires parking validation (with purchase) at one of the Market vendors or rates are steep. The meters around the market are free on Sundays and there are usually a lot of spots available at nearby Goodale Park. You can also park at the nearby suface lots ($3.00/day cash) or the garages ($2.00/hour).

There are a lot of good places to eat at North Market. Many of us enjoy the Mediteranean fare from Firdous. Others choose the Sushi bar, Korean noodle bar, Chinese or indian eateries or Jeni's Ice Cream. Check out the North Market website for complete details.


We were an official AGA chapter for several years and continue to work closely with the AGA to advertise events and rate club games and tournaments. Any club game between AGA members can be submitted to the AGA for rating as long as there is agreement before the game that it will be rated. Tournaments are generally free, but require AGA membership. A yearly AGA membership can be obtained the day of the tournament at the current AGA membership rate (approximately $30) or a day membership can purchased for $10 fee.

You can get see pictures and results from the latest tournaments on the tournaments page.


Subscribe to the Google Group and send everyone a message at columbusGoClub@googlegroups.com

Alternatively, you can get one of us at corey-dot-thecolonel-at-gmail-dot-com or timkington-at-gmail-dot-com. The addresses are obfuscated to avoid spam. You'll need to substitute the "." and "@" as appropriate.

Last updated 07/01/2013