Failure of the Lorentz-Einstein Electrodynamics

Lienard and Wiechert in 1898 and 1900 calculated independently electric and magnetic fields of moving charge. But the structure of Lienard-Wiechert fields is different from the fields with Lorentz contraction: the Lorentz fields are flattened perpendicular to the movement (figure below, left); the Lienard-Wiechert fields are concentrated in the direction of movement (figure, right).

Of course, mathematical expressions for these fields see also different. The Lorentz contraction e.g. the electric field is given by the following formula:

the electric field by Lienard and Wiechert corresponds to the equation

For better comparison, we can simplify both formulas in the direction of movement:


Lienard and Wiechert:

Question: Which of these fields are real? - The synchrotron radiation checks this quite objectively.
To illustrate the mechanism of radiation is often given the Thomson model of radiation, in this way, the Larmor formula for the dipole radiation can be derived directly: a charge accelerated during the short time period, as a result find the shift of the electric field lines. Hence the transverse electric field component - it presents the radiation field.

Similarly  deals with the matter in the book by Purcel "Electricity and Magnetism, Berkeley Physics Course 2": considering at stationary point charge, which starts suddenly to move (Figure).

However, this is not the same case, what happens in a synchrotron. Therein the fast charge is deflected from the straight course. Because the flattening of the fields is always directed perpendicular to the direction of movement, there must be a rotation of the field, as will be shown on the next figure.

Therefore, one would expect, according to Lorentz contraction, that the electromagnetic waves should be emitted perpendicular to the motion of the electrons in the reference system of the accelerator.  But this is not the case. In synchrotrons the electron bunches radiate in the direction of movement (figure).

 And the same result is obtained when applying the Thomson model for Lienard-Wiechert fields:

Furthermore, only Lienard-Wiechert fields are real. Lorentz-Einstein fields are therefore pure fantasy creation.

Einstein's famous words: "No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong." Since 1947, i.e. since the discovery of synchrotron radiation, there is this experiment. However, Einstein and his followers acted as if nothing happened. Rather than admit their mistake, they appropriated the Lienard-Wichert equations and declared this for relativistic.

Thus, the illusion works well, often a factorin Lienard-Wiechert equations is replaced by the relativistic expression. But this factor is not determined by the time dilation or length contraction or the increase of mass, but by the "duration of impact" of moving charge on the potentials in space.

It give even more to admire. Apparently any speed-dependent factor can be transformed to Lorentz factor. How is it made, we learn from Wikipedia:

But this transformation is without physical meaning. Although it creates an expression that is similar to the Lorentz factor, but originally it comes to very different kind of dependency, which also took into account other physical processes. the proponents of the theory of relativity does not mind and they transform everything possible to relativistic equations and finally see relativistic effects there, where they do not exist.

The website by Komitee"Forschung mit Synchrotronstrahlung" will give the false impression that Lorentz would almost have been the father of the synchrotron radiation research:

In reality he has nothing to do. Lorentz has not predicted the existence of synchrotron radiation and not derived the equations for it - this merit belongs Lienard and Wiechert.

Walter Orlov,  2011 - 2012

A proposal of an experiment to check the validity of the Lorentz transformations 

A proposal of an experiment to check the validity of the Lorentz transformations

The X-arrangement of the dipole antennas and their electrical interconnections provide a zero when the electric field strength of the electromagnetic wave is aligned as well as the dipole antenna of the transmitter. And that's what the Lorentz transformations should do. 

If the electric field strength is inclined, then the differential amplifier would provide the same signal as the generator of the transmitter. This means that the Lorentz transformations are ineffective. 

09.03.2018, Walter Orlov