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What is a Bed Turning?

Have you ever wondered, "just what is a Bed Turning anyway"?

 Bed Turning demonstrations are showing up lately at quilt shows around the country.  It is a unique way of telling the stories and history of of quilts in a cozy kind of way.
Quilts have a long history of not only being used for warmth, but are also considered a form of art.  They are a pictoral history of the lives and experiences as told from the Quilter themselves.
In the distant past the Quilter would use a Bed Turning as a social event.  Some tell the story that a lady would invite several guests over and serve sweet tea and cookies, then show off the quilts she had made by layering several of them on a bed.
Today, Bed Turnings can be seen at quilting events in themed groupings, or chronologically  to appreciative audiences who are intrigued with the stories the quilts can tell.