(3)Test page3: How to maintenance the Kannna part 1 "DAI" 【Haguchi Repair】 (鉋台の刃口埋め)

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Kanna "Haguchi(mouth)" Maintenance/Repair
Maintenance(Repair) request from one carpenter.
Mr. Hige do it one holiday (Jul. 2007).
Too much space between Kannna(鉋) "DAI(台)(wood base)" and edge.
Kanna's "Haguchi(mouth)-Ume" (刃口埋).
If "Shokunin(職人)" (Specialialist of them works (especialy craftsman) want to maintenance
or repair them tools, and to use it more, the "Shokunin(職人)" are  good thinking craftsman.
(we think so, maybe all of you will agree)
1)   "Ara-Hori" (荒彫): Make the base
                                  Looks like round form; Use the electrical tool.
                                  Q(WHY?): Why use the electrical tool?
                                  A :The reason is based on depth of uniform carving 
                                       and accuracy of the work.
Picture1: Can you see the "Sumi(墨): mark"? by pencil.
2)  ”Seimitsu-Kako(精密加工)(Precisely process):Make the form for fit more perfect by hand-work.
Picture2: one picture at "Precisely process (精密加工)"
               Detail work's pictures on last of this page' s  slide show.
   *)Mr. Hige have the original "Nomi(鑿):chisel" for this work.
     The "Nomi" made by himself. Re-maked the normal "Nomi".
     The right one is so. The angles and lines are difficult left normal "Nomi".
     This "Nomi" is perfect fit to do this maintenance work.
Picture3: Normal(left) and Original(right) "Nomi".
   *) Right "Nomi" is re-made by Mr.Hige-self for Kanna's DAI mantenance​.
      (Left is normal "Nomi")
Picture4: Maintenance "DAI (Kanna's stand)"
Put the Kanna on Special &quot;Dai&quot; for mantenance. It made by Masakazu self.
 *)  Mr. Hige use his original "DAI(Kanna stand)" for Kanna maintenance.
      Made by himself. Mr. Hige can do well that he make(or re-make)
      the original goods. This "DAI" is too. 
      This "DAI (Kannna's stand)" was made from the materials(wood) 
      which remained on his daily work.


Picture 5)  "Kari-Hame(仮はめ)": Test putting
Test put.
Picture 6)  " Sai Kako(再加工): More process 100% fitting.
5) "Nori Zuke(糊づけ): Put the parts to 鉋Kanna's "台(DAI)" by paste.
    *) Use the paste for Wood (Craft work)!(木工ボンド)
 Slide Show (test)

Kannna Haguchi Maintenance ‎(use for HP)‎

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