Eighteenth Century German Emigrants


On this website I have posted my research monographs of eighteenth-century German-speaking emigrants who departed Europe for the American colonies.

I am not a professional researcher; however, I have spent almost 25 years researching early families of Pennsylvania. Several years ago I created a website called Pennsylvania Settlers.  Please visit that website for access to information in my master database.

The monographs are posted using Microsoft Word online. Please know that they are subject to changes and revision. I tend not to publish my research because it is never truly "finished." In the left margin, I have given a state or region in modern-day German. When you click on the link, you will find research monographs connected to that area. (Note: Baden-Durlach is situate within the modern German state of Baden-Wurttemberg; however, for genealogical purposes, I have given it a separate heading.)

Please understand that I am a novice at reading old German script. Not only can I not speak the language, but I am trying to "read" it in a style and manner most modern-day Germans would struggle with. (I do enjoy the challenge!)

My research focus is only German emigrants to the Americas during the eighteenth century. Please understand that no effort was made to identify emigrants from the villages in later years.

Best wishes,

Edward N. Wevodau
Grapevine, Texas
August 2016