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The following is a "catalog" of stamps, blocks, sheets and others from around the world, highlighting the FIFA World Cup™............ To be precise, I am collecting FIFA World Cup philately regarding

  • Football at the Summer Olympics 1924-1928, seen as the precursor to the FIFA World Cup™ competition of today
  • FIFA World Cup 1930-1978
  • Philately, issued after 1978, but related to FIFA World Cup 1930-1978, like stamp-on-stamp or overprint, or items issued after 1978, because I liked the picture, like Andy Warhol painted Franz Beckenbauer.
  • 1979 -   75th Anniversary of FIFA
  • 1984 -   80th Anniversary of FIFA
  • 2004 - 100th Anniversary of FIFA
  • 2005 -   75th Anniversary of the 1st FIFA World Cup in Uruguay
  • History of, and tribute to, the FIFA World Cup™
  • Philately, issued by some countries to commemorate their Admission to FIFA

Philately in my case includes postage stamps, specimen stamps, cinderella's, covers, FDCs and some (post)cards.

All items illustrated are part of my collection, with the exception of those pages with the text Not in my collection on the right top corner. It is not my intention to be complete with FDCs, covers and cards.

Each page includes, where possible, catalog details like Michel and Scott catalog number, year, size, color, paper, print run, perforation, type, stamp subject, etc.

On the bottom of several pages you also find the text Additional Information, meaning that there is more information about the particular page …..

At the end of each FIFA World Cup™ year you will find additional details regarding the matches, teams, players, scores, etc. involved by year, as well information about the participation of The Netherlands’ World Cup team.

Apart from showing my collection with all details, it is also my aim to call all this and many more interesting facts back into memory of the proposed soccer fan. Illustrated by thematic stamp items, I want great games and players, scandals and records to be remembered. Nestled in the relevant sporting, and political context, the exciting historical picture was traced every single World Cup, where we, starting with the most recent event, slowly work our way into the early history of this impressive competition.

Join me on a journey into the past at the FIFA World Cup with all its unique ups and downs, and I hope you like my collection.
For now, enjoy the website and feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.


Peter C.A. de Jong, The Netherlands                                                                                            

Dedicated to my grandchildren, and especially to my wife for her patience and understanding

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  • Giorgio Sini, CIFT, for his support and his book Special Postmarks
  • Carlos Hernández Rocha, Expert - Uruguayan Philatelic Federation (UFF) for his support, effort and his detailed information about stamps from Uruguay.
  • Alexandre Lollini, for his service where standard service ends ... Espacelollini is philately about space and surrounding sciences themes
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