Worldwide information exchange via Internet is now vital for societal functions and even for critical infrastructure. Thus cyber attacks for espionage, sabotage or terrorism purposes are serious threats for today’s society. The methods to combat with the increasing number of attacks need to be improved concerning the increasing volume of data, the world wide sharing of computer resources and utilities.
Our vision is to operate an internationally recognized Digital Forensics and Cybercrime Investigation (Di4C) centre at Gjøvik University College (GUC). It shall (i) conduct basic and applied research on high international level, (ii) educate and qualify next generation of domain experts, and (iii) collaborate and deliver technology and services to public institutions, law enforcement, and Norwegian industry, and (iv) in cooperation with the players in this area establish a center of excellence for the benefit of all in Norway. The centre shall maintain an independent non-commercial position, while simultaneously working with stakeholders in business and society.
Thus, the Testimon Forensic Laboratory was established and officially opened in September 2010. The lab is one of the focus laboratory at GUC that is dedicated to Digital and Computational Forensics. It gathers members and resources from different departments and external organizations, i.e., digital forensics lays at challenging intersection of information security, electronics and computer science. Many of the current lab members have their primary connection to the Norwegian Information Security Laboratory (NISlab).