The Simplest and Greatest SMTP Tester Available

Make sure your mail Servers are secure and configured properly

SMTP Relay Tester will try to connect to your SMTP server and will check if it is functioning as an "Open Relay"

  • A bad configuration of a SMTP server can allow spammers to relay messages thru it to 3rd party domains
  • SMTP Relay Tester will scan the SMTP server in question (just like the spammers do) and will tell you what problems you are facing and how spammer will use your SMTP server to relay messages, then you will be able to solve the problems according to the report.
  • By identifying the "open relay" weakness before the spammers does you will minimize the chances to be tagged as a spam server,and it will probably save you from being listed in RBL lists and as a result your legit messages will not be blocked by Anti-Spam systems.

Simple but yet Powerful- SMTP Relay Tester in action

Why should I worry about this "Relay" Thing?

in case your server is listed as a spam source (Black Listed) your legit outgoing messages will become immediately suspected to be spam and will get delayed or even deleted.

How can I be sure that my SMTP server is safe and ready?

That's easy, just download and run all the tests SMTP Relay Tester is offering you, at the end of the tests you will know what is wrong with your server configuration , then you need to consult the SMTP Server vendor documentation about how to fix this problems.

Key Features of SMTP Relay Tester:

Easy Installation
No Need to do some complex installation here, just unzip the package and execute the SMTP Relay Tester.

Simple and straight forward Usage
All you have to know is your SMTP Server address, sender address (anyhing - include internal addresses) and the external SMTP address of your mailbox (where you will get the final result for each test) the rest is done automatically, just click the Test button

Add your own tests to the list
Simple syntax to add your own test to the list of tests, just add the line with your tweaks.

Leave no footprints
After using the SMTP Relay Tester, you can just delete it from the host you are using, no footprint will be left there.

Design For Windows Machines
SMTP Relay Tester will work perfectly on windows machines : Windows XP,Vista , Windows 7, Windows server 2003 and 2008.

The Largest set of "Open Relay" Tests
SMTP Relay Tester
holds the Largest set of "Open Relay" Tests (More then 70), and designed to fit any SMTP server exist at the market.

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