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Imagine What it Would Be Like if Your
Career was Connected to Your Calling... 

Are there days that you think to yourself, “I thought my career would be so much more than this”? 

Do you ever wonder if the price you’re paying for "success" is too high?

Suffering from Sunday night panic attacks at the thought of what’s waiting 
for you in the office Monday morning?

Do you have a sense that you're being called to do something greater, but you 
either don't know what or don't know how to begin?

Wondering if it’s too late for you to be somebody else "when you grow up?"


If the answer is yes, you’re not alone. More heart attacks occur on Monday morning than any other time of the week because far too many people are living out of alignment with who they were created to be. It's like being a square peg forced into a round hole day after day after day. And I personally know what that feels like.

I spent nearly a decade as a successful corporate manager with a $50 billion corporation. I was good at what I did and reaped significant rewards for my efforts, but I couldn't help feeling like something was missing. Money and stock options weren’t enough. I knew I was created for something more.  Sound familiar? 

When I looked at those leading the company, I thought to myself, “I don’t want to be you when I grow up!” I  really didn’t know exactly what I wanted, or how to pursue it without jeopardizing everything I had worked so hard for. I desperately needed to figure out my purpose...my life calling. What on earth was I here for?

I reached the breaking point when I developed a chronic medical condition induced by work-related stress. When my brother was murdered at the age of 39, I realized more than ever that life was too short and I had to develop my exit strategy. I knew if I didn't do something, my job was going to kill me, too. 

A recession-induced layoff was the push I needed to pursue my professional calling. Since then, I’ve enjoyed the best health ever, stress-free living, and the satisfaction of knowing that what I do every single day is making a difference.

Do you know your life purpose? Are you living it? If not, do you want to? 

I prayed that God would show me why He made me and He did. But I didn't figure it out overnight. It was like getting random pieces of a jigsaw puzzle without having the picture on the box to know how they fit together. But before long, it started to make sense and now I'm living it! 

Your life purpose could lead to a whole new career. Or it could mean launching a business or ministry. Whatever the right answer is for you, if you’re serious about being who you were created to be professionally, I can help. 

How Can You Help Me, Isha? 

I've spent the last few years working intensely with professionals focused on creating new careers, small businesses  and ministries that allow them to walk in their life purpose in a way that generates income. I'm not talking get-rich quick schemes - effort, dedication and faith are required to make the type of changes you’re looking for professionally. 

By working with me, you'll figure out how the elements of your life fit together to accomplish what it is you're put here to do. And most important, you'll move beyond fear, procrastination and paralysis and create a do-able plan to help you become all that God created you to be. I believe The Bible is the best business, professional development and self-help book on the market and I use it as the foundation of my life, business, and coaching. I can't imagine how I could successfully fulfill the purpose I was created for without consulting the One who created me.

My approach is a blend of smart strategy, practical implementation and huge doses of motivation and inspiration to keep you from giving up. I spent a career working in key positions in one of the world's top global companies, I'm a certified life coach, and as someone who runs my own successful small business, I know the tricks of the trade when it comes to doing more with less. I want to put all of that to work for you. Plus, you'll benefit from the thousands of hours and dollars I've invested in my own professional development...it's kind of like Cliff's Notes for your career and emerging business or ministry!  


"Before working with Isha, I was in a job I didn't like with no plan to achieve my goals. I wasn’t 100% sure what my purpose in life was, but I knew that what I was doing wasn't it. Isha gave me guidance on discovering my purpose and lots of support and insight on what it takes to move forward in it. I started from scratch and now I've left that job, I'm launching my business and writing my first book!

If you’re thinking about working with Isha, be willing to do the work, come with an open mind and always have a     pen and pad ready because she has a wealth of knowledge that she’s more than willing to share.  Be prepared to be pushed out of your comfort zone. Isha will challenge you to reach farther and higher than you ever imagined!"


Dr. Nadia Brown
President and Founder
Doyenne Leadership Institute

Is Working with Me Right for You? 

Some people just aren’t ready to invest in what they really want – whether that means time, effort or financial resources. I’ll be honest, there have been clients that I have turned down for my coaching program because I knew they weren't ready. Yes, I will challenge you, but I won't ask you to do anything you aren't capable of doing.

I want to make it easier for you to find out if working with me is a good fit for you. That’s why I’m introducing my new Test Drive & Thrive coaching sessions.

What is Test Drive & Thrive?

Test Drive & Thrive will allow you to get a feel for what it’s like to work with me before committing to a longer-term program. This is not a Get Acquainted Session or a 60-minute pitch – you’ll walk away with valuable strategies that you can begin to implement immediately. We won't be using cookie-cutter formulas, either. Your session will focus on what’s most important and impactful right now so you can experience the most value from our time together.

How Does it Work? 

You’ll be ready to benefit from your Test Drive & Thrive session in two simple steps:

Step 1: Register for your 60-minute Test Drive & Thrive session below and submit your tuition of $97.

Step 2: Within 24 hours, you’ll receive your pre-session assignment and a link to schedule your session at a time that is convenient for you. There are even weekend sessions!

Our session is conducted by phone, so it doesn't matter where in the world you are, literally. Your tuition may even be a deductible professional expense. Check with your tax professional. 

Why Should I Work With a Coach? I've Been Able to Achieve Significant Accomplishments on My Own

Making the wise decision to work with a coach doesn't mean you're not capable of doing spectacular things on your own, nor does it call your talent, education and experience into question. However, I've worked with enough smart people in corporate America and in my own business to know that we can't always think of everything on our own. And speaking from personal experience, there have been times when life got hectic or things didn't go as planned and without the counsel of my own coach, I may have thrown in the towel. I can almost guarantee you that you're going to have some "freak out" moments along the way. Why not partner with someone who can move you beyond the brick walls and help you reach your goals faster, easier, and with fewer bumps and bruises? The bottom line is this: if you can do this all by yourself, why haven't you?

I have had my own virtual assistance business since 1995. But in 2006, many of my clients closed their businesses and I took a part-time corporate job to make ends meet.  Before I met Isha, I was ready to give up because I did not see my business thriving again.

Isha helped me have hope that it’s possible to rebuild my business again. And now I'm back to working for myself again full-time! I would strongly recommend working with Isha Cogborn. Make sure you are ready to listen, implement new ideas, and watch your hopes and dreams take off!

Jennifer Holstad
Owner/Virtual Assistant
A Byte In Time

Session Availability is EXTREMELY Limited

Because of my commitment to my long-term coaching clients and have speaking and training engagements that take me across the country, there are only a few Test Drive & Thrive sessions available each month. If you want a timely appointment, don’t procrastinate on getting it scheduled.

Ready to Schedule Your Session?

Enter your information below and when you click submit, you'll be directed to PayPal for secure online processing of your tuition by credit, debit     or electronic check.  Within 24 business hours, you will receive a scheduling link and your pre-session assignment. It's that simple! Don't make it difficult by going back and forth in your mind about whether you're really ready to start fulfilling the assignment that you were placed here for. 

The time is now...

Whether you’re looking to start or build your business or ministry, or prepare for new employment opportunities, great things are in store for you! Thank you for choosing me as your coach in the race of your life.  

 I'll talk to you soon...

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