Why You Should  Join Our Club

Not only the education but the whole World is troubled because the education is troubled. That  is easily seen in the matter of  the late Apple CEO, Steve Jobs. He is said to be a genius because he changed the World so much meanwhile forgetting that he is a university dropout . He was a dropout because his philosophy was not proper for  a university. A university is supposed to teach the Universe with as many aspects as possible. That is where its name is derived.
The same is true for our kids. I have two, they both say they go to school because they want to earn money and buy cars and even helicopters and planes. We seem too early to have forgotten the difficulties Michelson and Morley have encountered to find funds for their well known experiment. It was just about 100 years ago.
So Steve Jobs wanted money and did not complete his university degree; my kids want to buy planes and go to school as probably a couple of billion others; all meanwhile forgetting that we live, we 7 billion human being together with so many other creatures all live on a small planet of  a radius of about 6000 km. We are in the Orion Arm of a Galaxy called the Milky Way. The Orion we have in recent years investigated pretty good and are still unable to integrate our knowledge. We are unfortunately unable to bring together and understand, make information out of, the data we collected via our observations and the followings:
1- The name Orion derived from Uri-Anna; light from Heaven.
2- It was once supposed to be the Habitat of Osiris.
3- It is mentioned in the Bible and the Quran; in Quran even its dimensions and its distance to Earth is given ('Ali `Imran-133 and As-Sajdah-5)
So we all want to consume but are unable to make information out of our data. The second does rarely interests us. This is the cast in which we are probably canditates to be at the least World dropouts if nut Universe. This probability is why Test-Dr. and Test-Dr.Associates exist which expects from every World citizen his/her best contribution.

What's the Best About Our Club?

Shortly said nothing. It wants every World citizen to make his/her proper contribution. Not monetary and fiscal but mental contribution.

It thinks the situation we are in forces us to make this contribution.

We may ultimately not be able to avoid being dropouts but it is well possible that we understand what we are. Either we happen to be on this small and beatifull planet due to the laws of probability, or we are created by a Creator and we may ultimately understand this and act correspon -dingly. Not to be sure of either is disturbing and it is a shame to be still in this disturbing situation.

Alexandr Isayevitch Solz- henitsyn claims nothing is unsaid on the planet of philosophy but it can not be true. Somethins should be still not said and we are in confusion.

Our club will be looking for this unsaid and will be awaiting your contribution.