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Science Week 2020

Is STEM Overrated? | Psychology Today Ireland 

Our senior classes were working on this STEM Project for Science Week. 
They constructed a V8 Engine. 

STEM education engages pupils with the world in ways that promotes 
learning related to science.

                            Construction of a V8 Engine

Engineers in the making!


 For Your Information:

V8 engine is an eight-cylinder piston engine in which the cylinders share a common crankshaft and are arranged in a V configuration.

The first known working V8 engine was produced by the French company Antoinette in 1904 for use in aircraft, and the 1914–1935 Cadillac L-Head engine is considered the first automotive V8 engine to be produced in significant quantities. The popularity of V8 engines in cars was greatly increased following the 1932 introduction of the Ford Flathead V8.

The finished product!


Well done 4th, 5th & 6th classes. 
Great work!

Infants investigating and exploring!

                                                        Learning about light

Predicting, observing and recording how plants get water to survive


A Winter Scavenger Hunt - Yipee!

What fun was had exploring..


                                            Signs of Winter everywhere.....

 "The birds are gone, the world is white,
The winds are wild, they chill and bite;
The ground is thick with slush and sleet,
And I can barely feel my feet.


We are looking forward to:

Science week | Engagement | Science Foundation Ireland  

A generous donation by VMware 



Article published in The Corkman newspaper:

There was a very generous donation of €6,246.65 made to Cullen National School in the recent past, by a company called VMWare.  VMWare are a global IT Company with a large work force located in Ballincollig, Cork.  Its HQ is based in Palo Alto, California USA. Donald Philpott whose children, Christopher and Molly, are attending Cullen National School, works for VMWare as a Global IT Manager.  He has been employed by them for the past 13 years.  Donald was eligible to make this donation to an organisation of his choice due to Donald’s Career Service Duration of over 12 years and an additional 40+ Hours of volunteer work completed.  This work in and around the Cork area with charities through the VMWare Foundation, was completed with organisations such as COPE Foundation and Penny Dinners to name but a few. Fortunately, Donald chose Cullen National School as the recipient of the donation. Nóra Moynihan, school principal, worked in consultation with Donald on the application process. It was a very comprehensive application form and a lot of time and effort was spent submitting the application. Donald and Nóra discussed how the money would be best spent ensuring that the pupils and families of the school would benefit directly from the donation. For example: last year all pupils participated in a course of "Wellness Yoga". This was a great success and the children thoroughly enjoyed it. Discussions are ongoing on how best to spend the remainder of the money on other various worthwhile activities across the curriculum. The Board of Management and staff are very grateful to Donald and VMWare for the very generous donation to our school. We are particularly grateful to Donald for choosing our school and for his input into securing the donation which will be of great benefit to all pupils going forward.

Spooktastic Halloween Madness!


Scary Infants

Best Home-made Costume (Infant Room)


Halloween Colouring Competition:

Junior Infant Winner


Halloween Colouring Competition:

Senior Infant Winner


Our Junior and Senior Infant pupils were spooktacular!

Some lovely art - work completed in the Middle Classes:

                                                                Oíche Shamhna

                                                Very scary looking creatures!


Spooky Night Skies!


More spooky-looking girls and boys!

First Class



Colouring Competition Winner: 1st Class

Second Class 



Colouring Competition Winner: 2nd Class


                                                  Third Class Pupils





Colouring Competition Winner: 3rd Class


                        Best Home-made Halloween Costume : Middle Classes



               A little surprise for our 2nd class pupils                       on Saturday 16th May!


65 Fun Things to do at Home

Plenty of nature walks & scavenger hunts to keep the kids busy!



Engaging the senses while getting out and about!

 Nature Scavenger Hunt

Lovely weather to explore your garden or local area

Free Well-being Journal for kids

At Home with Weaving Well-Being - Outside the Box Learning Resources

Over 20 pages for kids to complete.

 Well worth downloading and printing!

The journal aims to give children a chance to reflect and express themselves, gradually building into a highly personal portfolio reflecting unique aspects of their mental well-being. Once complete, they may enjoy looking over it again from time to time, especially whenever they need a well-being boost!

As a parent, you can use this journal to open up an important channel of communication with your child. Take time to discuss the various activities while they are completing them and perhaps even join in and try some of them on yourself!


(copy and paste this link into your browser)

A little reminder for us all!

#staysafe   #washyourhands   #mindyourhealth

Something to brighten your day!

A painting by a very talented pupil in 6th class, Lisa Duggan.

Lisa was asked to paint a picture for Cullen N.S. before she moves onto secondary school. 
Well done Lisa, it's fabulous.
 You didn't disappoint, AMAZING! 

Art is as Natural as Sunshine and as Vital as Nourishment ...

Happy Easter:

to all our pupils and their families

🐰Happy Easter Images – Easter Sunday 2019 Pictures Photos HD ...

Cosmic Kids



Relaxation for kids

 Pupils of Cullen N.S. really enjoyed their yoga sessions with Donna in Term 2.

 Why not follow on from that and check out the No. 1 Kids Yoga App, offering two weeks free for a trial or find the episodes on YouTube.

There's a very handy Yoga Adventure Episode Guide for parents (a downloadable PDF for parents which tells you all about the episodes and where you can find them). Brilliant!


World Autism Awareness Day 

2nd April

Advocate for Autism Awareness All Year Long | Enabling Devices

World Autism Day is celebrated every year on 2 April to raise awareness about people with autistic spectrum disorders throughout the world.

Busy at Maths Free Tutorials/Games

 Junior Infants to Sixth Class


 Busy at Maths online tutorials, games and interactives FREE to all parents and pupils.

Just visit http://my.cjfallon.ie, click 'Student Resources', then filter to the class and interactive that you require.

Home-made Playdough

The BEST homemade playdough recipe - I Heart Naptime

Did you know you can make playdough in next to no time from everyday ingredients found in your kitchen cupboards? Save money and involve the kids in this thrifty kitchen craft activity. This super-easy playdough recipe is the perfect way to spend an afternoon/evening inside.


 Storyline Online

An award-winning children's Literacy Program!

See the source image


A story a day!

The SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s award-winning children’s literacy website, Storyline Online, streams videos featuring celebrated actors reading children’s books alongside creatively produced illustrations. 

Reading aloud to children has been shown to improve reading, writing and communication skills, logical thinking and concentration, and general academic aptitude, as well as inspire a lifelong love of reading. Teachers use Storyline Online in their classrooms, and doctors and nurses play Storyline Online in children’s hospitals.

Storyline Online is available 24 hours a day for children, parents, caregivers and educators worldwide. Each book includes supplemental curriculum developed by a credentialed elementary educator, aiming to strengthen comprehension and verbal and written skills for English-language learners.

Scavenger Hunts to keep younger kids busy!





Free online cool maths games/lessons

Maths lesson, quizzes and games to keep on top of your mathematical skills.


Suitable from age 5 to 12 years!

World Book Online

World Book Online have made their fabulous collection of over 3,000 ebooks and audio books available for free for children to access at home.

They have books suitable for all ages.


For all you David Walliams Fans!!

Is David Walliams releasing his audio books for free?

He sure is.

To help with kids at home, the kind-hearted author has decided to read a story from one of his huge back catalogue of children's books.

Taking to Instagram David said: "All those stuck at home with their kids may be able to relate to ‘The World’s Worst Children’!

"I’ll be releasing an audio story every day for the next 30 days absolutely free."

How do you get David Walliams' audio books for free??

Whether your children are already firm fans of the author or not, this is a sure way to add some fun and laughter to their mornings.

The daily treat is called Elevenses, and children and grown-ups can tune in every morning at 11am - and it's all free.

Web link:  bit.ly/AudioElevenses

Attention all pupils:

A very rewarding activity...


Time to do something for others and lift their spirits!

The residents of the Araglen Nursing Home in Boherbue would love to receive letters, pictures, poems etc. from children. Remember that they will have no family/visitors calling over the next few weeks and they would love to hear from the pupils of Cullen National School!

I have contacted the Araglen Nursing Home and all of your creations are very welcome! In fact they would LOVE to receive your masterpieces!

Please remember to wash your hands properly/sanitize before writing/drawing etc and to seal the envelope with Sellotape.

 Address: Araglen Nursing Home,
Co. Cork. 

Social distancing doesn't mean isolation so let's make sure the residents of the Araglen Nursing Home have something to cheer them up during this lonely time!

"Dear Friend" would be a nice way to start your letter...

I would love to see some of your masterpieces and publish your efforts on the school website. If you are willing to share your work, email it to principal@cullenns.ie

Daily 10 

                            A mental Maths activity for everyday!

                        You will find this in the Times Tables Category 

About Daily 10

Daily 10 is a primary maths resource for primary teachers which covers addition, subtraction, ordering, partitioning, digit values (place value), rounding, multiplication, division, doubles, halves and fractions. It has been designed primarily for use on an interactive whiteboard. The aim is to help teachers deliver 10 maths questions many which can be used for mental maths practise.

Sets of questions can be timed or untimed and the activities are ideal for starter and plenary sessions. They are graded in levels of difficulty which match year group levels in England's National Curriculum Maths requirements. This means the resource is suitable for children from 5 to 11 years of age.

For the best experience press the full-screen icon in the top right corner of the game.

Maths / Literacy Games Online


                                Click on: 1) Learning Games
                                                 2) Maths
                                                 3) Click on age category
                                                 4) Choose maths topic
                                                 5) Select game

    This is a great website with a varied selection of excellent             educational maths and literacy games, organised by topic         and age-group.         


Practice your Tables   

 Tables! Tables! Tables!      

                                                Click on     Addition & Subtraction
                                                                    Times Tables
                                                                    Multiplication & Division

Challenge yourself and try a different game everyday!

Go outside, get some fresh air and try this 

 Exercise Challenge

Fun for all the family, parents too!

#keepactive           #staysafe            #whatsyourname

Image result for spell your name and do the workout 

RTE will broadcast daily ‘school' on TV  to support parents and kids at home

Image result for rte school live


RTE have announced that will be broadcasting daily ‘school' on TV to support families at home during the coronavirus outbreak.

The cross-platform initiative is being launched by RTE with the support of the Department of Education

Daily school is set to begin on the station from Monday, March 30.

It will run from 11am to 12pm, Monday to Friday on RTÉ2, with a shorter "catch-up" segment later in the afternoon.

Image result for rte tv clipart

According to RTE News, the school will be mostly aimed at primary school children from 1st to 6th class, promising the show will be "educational, but also fun and engaging"

The show will be presented from a real primary school classroom by teachers with television experience and is being produced by an independent production company.

Parents will also be able to find the show on the RTÉ Player and worksheets and other material will be accessible on RTE.ie/learn.

Suzanne Kelly, Head of Children’s Content at RTE told the Irish Sun: "Everybody is rowing in, there is a lot of good will

30 mins P.E. Lessons with JOE

Image result for PE with JOE

PE WITH JOE is a brand-new live series which celebrity fitness body coach Joe Wicks is running online. He is running online PE lessons, which are free and available to watch on YOU TUBE:


Using Twinkl during the Coronavirus Shutdown

Make sure you direct parents to www.twinkl.ie/offerThis will be the quickest and easiest way for parents to get set up.Teaching Resources, Primary Resources, Twinkl, Primary School Resources

We've not only created home learning and school closure packs, but have also introduced an offer for all of them to be completely free. Whether you're a teacher, parent or home educator we've put together a simple, step-by-step guide about this offer of help, for you to use. This guide is not designed to override or replace any official guidance, but is intended to advise on using the Twinkl website during this period.      

We have a number of really helpful guides, designed for parents, for different areas of the curriculum. You can direct parents towards our dedicated Parents’ Hub which contains hundreds of educational activities designed for use at home.

For parents with children in EYFS, take a look through our EYFS for Parents area to find some really useful guides and activities to share. 

For primary-aged children, take a look at our 5-11 area. Again, this was created with parents in mind so it’s filled with guides and information about what children should be learning in each year group, for each curriculum area

                                                    Image result for twinkl

Update: Covid-19 School Closure

Image result for covid-19 clipart

Statement from the Department of Education and Skills
24th March 2020

All schools, pre-schools and further and higher education settings will remain closed to students until 19 April 2020.

The decision has been taken following advice from the NPHET (National Public Health Emergency Team) as part of efforts to contain the spread of Covid-19.

All young people and children are urged to practice social distancing, and to minimise physical contact to keep themselves and others healthy and to limit the spread of infection. This should include minimising social contact, avoiding meeting up and keeping physical space of two metres between each other. Parents and guardians are urged to support young people and children to follow those simple guidelines.

Minister for Education and Skills Joe McHugh TD said: “This is an extremely difficult time for everyone, not least students and their parents.

“The decision to keep schools closed until after the Easter break is based on public health advice. It is a hugely important aspect of our continued effort to limit the spread of Covid-19.

Covid-19 Time Capsule

History for all ages!


 International Happiness Day 2020

March 20 is the International Day of Happiness and this year's theme is Happier Together, focusing on what we have in common, rather than what divides us. Everyone wants to be happy - and life is happier when we're together. So let's celebrate our common humanity. Join the community and be part of this special day.

What is happiness?

The dictionary says that happiness is the state of being happy!

Happiness is more about feelings and interactions with other people than having things.

Click on the link below to Kids' Health - Being Happy!

Creative ideas to keep our pupils busy
 during the Covid-19 Crisis:

Whether due to COVID-19 or some other unforeseen event, families may find themselves suddenly in the position of educating their kids at home. This can seem daunting or even overwhelming. Here are some strategies to help your family 
survive, and perhaps even thrive, in this situation.

There's something for everyone!

Image result for games clipart

Games and Activities

    1. Pull out any not-yet-used holiday gifts
    2. Play “jump the river”
    3. Make a timeline
    4. Read a good book
    5. Join Audible and listen to books together
    6. Research your Family Tree
    7. Have an indoor campout
    8. Start some indoor seed plantings
    9. Indoor Scavenger Hunt
    10. Build an outside fort
    11. Build a blanket fort or tent
    12. Hand-Clapping games like Miss Mary Mack, Double Double, and Tic-Tac-Toe
    13. Mad Libs
    14. Go on a Bearhunt
    15. Huckle Buckle Beanstalk
    16. Hide something sweet and create a Treasure Map for the kids to follow
    17. Learn Morse Code
    18. Invent your own code
    19. Build a house of cards
    20. Memorize the state capitals
    21. Learn some yoga poses
    22. Meditate with help from Headspace for Kids (free trial)
    23. Play balloon volleyball
    24. Look at old photos and share their memories
    25. Write old-fashioned letters and postcards
    26. Make gratitude lists
    27. Play charades
    28. Invent a card game
    29. Learn a few magic tricks
    30. Using stuff from around your house, set up a bowling lane
    31. Mark out a hopscotch field with masking/duct tape
    32. Speak only in Pig Latin
    33. Thumb wrestle
    34. Play MASH
    35. Play Hangman
    36. Plan a family vacation
    37. Learn about nautical flags and how to communicate with them
    38. Learn the parts of a sailboat
    39. Play dress up
    40. Teach your kids how to play black jack (it helps with math skills after all)
    41. Play the silent game
    42. Have a staring contest
    43. Learn some yo-yo tricks
    44. Build the biggest LEGO/block tower in history
    45. Make shadow puppets
    46. Have a tea party
    47. Have a doll or stuffed animal wedding
    48. Play Simon Says
    49. Talk with an accent
    50. Make a stuffed animal zoo
    51. Learn a little American Sign Language for kids
    52. Invent a new sport
    53. Polish the silver (raise your hand if you have your grandmother’s silverware or cute bud vases!)
    54. Do a puzzle
    55. Invent your own nation
    56. Memorize all the Presidents
    57. Memorize all the states and capitals
    58. Match up your socks, roll them up, and have a sock fight
    59. Play dominoes (extra credit for making your own)
    60. Teach your kids how to play Solitaire
    61. Make your own Bingo game
    62. Bust out the flashlights and go on a “ghost” hunt
    63. Learn how to tie cool knots
    64. Go on the Duolingo app and learn a new language for free
    65. Make your own crossword puzzles
    66. Make your own Sudoku
    67. Practice drilling holes in scrap wood
    68. Hammer nails into scrap wood
    69. Read to the pets or Grandparents (via Facetime/Skype)
    70. Play with their older toys
    71. Learn coding for Free through MIT
    72. Go on a Sunday Drive any day of the week
    73. Make a dollhouse with shoe boxes
    74. Empty furniture from the middle of a room and do somersaults across it (notice we did not say cartwheels!)
    75. Teach your old dog (or new puppy) new tricks
    76. Play the game Clue using real props, costumes, and rooms in your house
    77. Have a backyard camp fire (if your city or town allows it)
    78. Play Alligator
    79. DIY manis and pedis

Image result for cleaning clipart


    1. Put on your "Bob the Builder" caps
    2. Encourage and help your kids re-do their rooms
    3. Make a new play space by cleaning part of your attic or basement
    4. Sort the toys
    5. Find, sort and wrap all your loose change
    6. Print your photos and write on the backs of them for posterity
    7. Clean out your junk drawer(s) together and find family treasures
    8. Alphabetize your spices
    9. Tighten knobs/handles
    10. Look for squeaky doors and spritz with WD-40
    11. Wash the windows (your kids will love using the spray bottle)
    12. Alphabetize your books
    13. Match your socks, and then have a sock fight
    14. Hang your favorite picture
    15. Dust your baseboards (your littlest ones might like this best)
    16. Make your own eyeglass cleaner
    17. Make your own household cleaner
    18. Clean out your closet and collect too-small clothes to donate
    19. Find household stuff you no longer need and give it away on your local Freecycle
    20. Make a paradise for your pets! Clean out your fish tank / hamster cage / bird cage etc.
    21. Find all of the available house paint and decide either to throw it away or plan your next project that uses it - freshen up a wall or some trim!
    22. Get yourself some free "new" clothes: Sew rips / patch your jeans / sew on missing buttons
    23. Clean out, vacuum, and disinfect your car
    24. Corral and sort the 10,000 charger cords in your house
    25. Create an Easy and Great-Looking Workspace With Lots of Storage Underneath
    26. Change your smoke detector batteries
    27. Install smoke detectors
    28. Organize/purge kids art together

Image result for plan clipart


  1. Plan your next birthday party (theme, place, cake, decorations)
  2. Plan an any-occasion or no-occasion party
  3. Plan for summer camp (things to remember, and look up on the top of this KidsOutAndAbout.com page under our "Classes and Camps" menu)
  4. Plan a staycation (look for our 101 Family Day Trips article under "Resources" on your local menu above)
  5. Plan a bucket list from our Top 20 Places to Take Local Kids article as voted by local parents - find it under Favorites on our menu above
  6. Plan a dream vacation
  7. Plan a realistic vacation (where, when, how, what to pack, links to venues in the region)
  8. Plan a month of educational theme days (themes like nature, sports, music, robots, Hamilton, or whatever)
  9. Plan your day-by-day pandemic menu
  10. Plan something to make each day
  11. Plan your family's fire escape plan and have a fire drill
  12. Plan a garden
  13. Plan for higher education: High school kids can research colleges and scholarships, and brainstorm college essays

Image result for cook clipart


    1. The complete list of KOAA kid-friendly recipes and food tips
    2. "Cuban" Cooking
    3. ANY Cooking. Or baking.
    4. Create a Family Cook Book
    5. Invent a new recipe
    6. Make an old family recipe
    7. Have a feast
    8. Create a cookbook based on your favorite story/book
    9. Meal plan for a full week
    10. Choose recipes from different countries and fix a different recipe for each course or for each day
    11. Make off-season Christmas Cookies in spring colors
    12. Make your own granola mix

Image result for science experiments clipart

Science Experiments at Home*

  1. Experiments from San Francisco's Exploratorium: "Science Snacks" in...
    1. Astronomy
    2. Biology
    3. Chemistry
    4. Earth Science
    5. Engineering
    6. Environmental
    7. Perception
    8. Physics
  2. Experiments from Spangler Science (a leprechaun trap, oobleck monsters, flying toilet paper, homemade root beer...)
  3. Experiments from Science Cafe (homemade ice cream, lava lamps, naked eggs, a shrunken head...)
  4. Kitchen Science Resources from the Franklin Institute:
    1. Emulsions
    2. Grapes in the microwave
    3. Ice cream
    4. pH indicator
    5. Yeast
    6. Gooey gluten ball

      Arts & Crafts

        1. Make puppets
        2. Make a "Celebrations book." 
        3. Make homemade musical instruments Here is a site that shows you how to make homemade instruments. Here is another good one.
        4. Mix cornstarch and water
        5. Make a game (tic-tac-toe, checkers, chess set)
        6. Make a God’s Eye
        7. Make a colored “sand” sculpture
        8. Paint family portraits
        9. Make flags from around the world out of scrap paper or invent one of your own
        10. Make paper snowflakes
        11. Learn some origami (check out the Japanese tradition of 1000 paper cranes)
        12. Purchase a knitting loom and make a scarf
        13. Make a paper chain and see how long you can get it
        14. Make a tooth fairy pillow by hand
        15. Monogram your socks
        16. Make stationary with stamps
        17. Create a family playlist on Spotify
        18. Make paper dolls
        19. Make a putt putt boat and sail it in your bathtub (you’ll need blue tack, a couple straws, a soda can, a cardboard milk carton, a tea candle and something to light the tea candle)
        20. Make pictures to give to nursing home residents or elderly neighbors (you can even mail them; everyone loves getting mail)
        21. Make necklaces and bracelets using beads or even pasta
        22. Build a model car, plane, boat or building
        23. Make accessories for your pets (kerchiefs, capes, bows)
        24. Make pet toys
        25. Make tissue paper flowers
        26. Sew buttons onto scrap fabric
        27. Make paper beads
        28. Paper mache a balloon
        29. Write poems, limericks, and haiku
        30. Write a song
        31. Create your own “Dr. Seuss” book
        32. Make and decorate paper crowns
        33. Print out your photos and make a scrapbook
        34. Learn Calligraphy
        35. Teach your kids cursive
        36. Make your own playdough
        37. Fortune cookies are difficult to make but creating a Fortune Jar is a snap
        38. Make a map to your favorite place
        39. Make a comic strip or book
        40. Make your own slime
        41. Make an old-fashioned address book
        42. Decorate a pair of plain white sneakers or old shirt
        43. Make a simple bird feeder
        44. Make a dreamcatcher
        45. Make a family time capsule to open at a future date
        46. Paint your toenails or fingernails with wacky designs
        47. Make your own coin or piggy bank
        48. Make a “selfie” background with an old tablecloth or sheet, and markers or paint
        49. Create your own picture frame for the selfie
        50. Download an animation app for your phone or tablet and do stop motion animations (There are many simple free and low cost ones!)
        51. Tie dye a pillow case
        52. Create an old fashioned sampler
        53. Make an arm-knitted scarf
        54. Build a terrarium
        55. Paint a rock (from "Kindness Rocks")
        56. Make a pet rock
        57. Make a $10 DIY compost bin and use the compost later in your garden
        58. Make fleece monsters


Image result for perform clipart


    1. Read a Newbery winning book, then make a 90-Second Newbery Film Festival tiny movie submission on your phone
    2. Silent Disco Party
    3. Dance Party
    4. Puppet Shows
    5. Turn a big box into a television set and put on shows (this can also double as a puppet stage)
    6. Have a Joke-a-thon
    7. Re-enact your favorite story or movie as a play
    8. Memorize a poem or two and put on a show
    9. Magic Shows
    10. Fortune Telling
    11. Read a story out loud and create your own illustrations
    12. Record your kids reading/telling their favorite story and replay it after dinner
    13. Put those music lessons to good use and have a concert (bonus points for Facetiming the grandparents while you do it)
    14. Write a rap song and perform it
    15. Perform your favorite fairy tale in dance
    16. Fill glasses with water and make music
    17. Record a family podcast on your phone to send relatives
    18. Record a pots and pans orchestra performance


                            Image result for outdoors clipart

Outside your Perimeter: Driveway, Yard, and Garden

  1. Bike, scooter, or Ripstick in the driveway: You can set up an obstacle course or try new tricks.
  2. Build a Fairy House - here are instructions for building one from the official Fairy Houses web site
  3. Star gaze
  4. Learn and find constellations
  5. Climb a tree
  6. Enjoy the classics: Play hopscotch, 4-square, Mother May I, or jump rope.
  7. Get artsy with chalk, water soluble paint, or MUD
  8. Measure the Rain
  9. Hunt for worms
  10. Let rain inspire art
  11. Perk up your plants
  12. Shake a rainy tree
  13. Play flashlight tag
  14. Walk the dog
  15. Collect leaves and press them to make place mats
  16. Create a nature journal and record what you see
  17. Hang a bird feeder and count the birds (in February each year, participate in The Great Backyard Bird Count)
  18. Catalog the birds in your neighborhood by listening to their sounds and songs
  19. Make luminarias and light up your driveway
  20. Do a plein air painting of your neighborhood
  21. Make a rock garden for your yard
  22. Go on a bike ride
  23. After a walk or bike ride, create a map of your neighbourhood

                            Image result for kids online clipart

Links to Online Fun and Learning

  1. 12 Famous Museums You Can Visit From Your Couch
  2. 5 rainy day toddler activities from American Baby. It works for snowy days too!
  3. Winter Gardening Activities for Kids from the Green Mountain Gardener.
  4. Help your child create an original book from a story/artwork: This service is from Tikatok.com but there are others that do this as well.
  5. Documentaries available from streaming services. So you'll feel less guilty about screen time. Updated for 2020.
  6. Online Craft classes from Creativebug.com
  7. Online coding for kids at Tynker.Com
  8. Tons of online art/craft classes for kids and teens at DIY.Org (free 14 day trial)
  9. The Kid Should See This: Smart Videos For Curious Minds of All Ages
  10. National Geographic: Kids Videos
  11. The Brain Scoop: Videos exploring all kinds of science topics with Emilie Graslie, the Chief Curiosity Correspondent of The Field Museum in Chicago
  12. Watch animal live cams at Explore.Org, including the famous Decorah Eagles
  13. Sign up for a MASTERCLASS or two with your whole family
  14. Find free educational explanations about just about any academic subject at Khan Academy
  15. Pokemon Go app: Monster Collecting at Home
  16. Nancy Drew mystery games from HER Interactive: Fun for the whole family, especially age 12 and up (younger kids may need help with the puzzles)
  17. Actors read stories on Storyline Online
  18. A list of educational companies offering free memberships due to school closings put together by the Amazing Educational Resources Facebook group
  19. Virtually tour college campuses on YouVisit.com
  20. Scholastic has launched online Learn at Home lessons
  21. Check out animal cams from a variety of zoos, including the San Diego Zoo, the National Zoo, the Houston Zoo, and more
  22. Many national parks also offer live webcams

Making the most of Covid-19 

School Closure

Things to do when we're off

Image result for covid 19 images for kids

To see Covid-19 schedule go to:


Some more ideas for parents & families: 

10 Activities for Home:

1. Setting Up a Den in the house or a Camp in the garden

2.Setting Up a Learning Place in the house and Do Learning Together

3. Cooking Together 

4. Puzzle, Lego, Visual-Spatial Activities

5. Setting Up a Fun Project

6. Starting a Collection, Playing Board Games

7. Sending Messages, Letters and Postcards to Family and Friends Abroad

8. Learning a New Skill Together and/or Teaching a New Skill

9. Implementing Routines for Self-care and Mindfulness 

10. Exercising

Patrick's Day 2020

Image result for happy st. patrick's day in irish

Stay Safe on this St. Patrick's Day!

Image result for st patrick's day blessing

Book Fair 2020

Our annual Book Fair on 

26th & 27th February from 2 - 3:30pm

Books Books Books!

A Book Fair is a fun, pop-up event held at your child’s school. A celebration of reading, a great opportunity for you to browse books with your child. With over 200 of the newest and the best children’s books available – each chosen by Scholastic’s expert book buyers – there will be something to catch the eye of even the most reluctant reader. You’ll find a wide range of books suitable for your child’s age-range and the school can earn free books for every book that’s bought. 

Book Fair Voucher Winners

Re-create or design your favourite Book Cover:

Senior Class Winners


                                              Middle Classes Winners

Infant Room Winner  


Talented artists in Cullen National School - well done to all pupils.

Grandparents Day 2020

We celebrated Grandparents Day on Thursday 30th January and what a special day we had in Cullen National School, celebrating the contribution of grandparents in the lives of our pupils. 

Pupils from 2nd - 6th  played some traditional Irish tunes and all classes entertained our special visitors with poems about grandparents and lovely art work and cards. Our senior pupils wrote about their grandparents and read some of their fondest memories also. 


              Our Catholic School Altar                    Remembrance Tree

   We remembered in a special way all grandparents that could not be with us on the day. We hung their names on our tree to remember them in a very special way. 

The theme for Catholic Schools Week 2020:

“Catholic Schools: Living in Harmony with God’s Creation’.


A beautiful illustration for Grandparents Day by a very talented pupil in 6th class. Well done Lisa, it's really superb!


Learning about Farm Safety

 "Be Farm Safe & Stay Farm Safe"

Alma from AgriKids paid us a visit today and taught us all about farm safety and the importance of staying safe on farms. 

Click on the link to the website to learn more about farm safety and AgriKids:




"Be Farm Safe & Stay Farm Safe

Many hands make light work!

We had a very busy morning in Cullen National School. The pupils from Mrs Cremin's class (4th - 6th) and the 3rd class boys made 166  St. Brigid's Crosses with some community volunteers, who gave of their time and skill so willingly. Thank you ladies for your time and effort!





Well done to our pupils and teachers - keeping the tradition of making Saint Brigid's Crosses for the church and community alive and kicking! Great to see a past pupil returning also to give a helping hand.


Memories to treasure and cherish!

Image result for clothes clipart"Clothes Collection

Please bag and drop any old or unwanted clothes and/or shoes into the school during school hours. We will be recycling them later in the year through Cash For Clobber:
Image result for cash for clobber" 

N.B. NO duvets, pillows or cushions!

Image result for now enrolling"  for September 2020 

Application Forms are available in the school office. They can also be downloaded from the Forms section of the website. Please return forms by   31st January 2020.

         Image result for christmas raffle clipart"

    Christmas Raffle 2019

Many thanks to all those who sponsored our Christmas Raffle this year. A special thank you to the following sponsors:

Patsy's Hair Salon
Wordsworth, Millstreet
Fitzgerald's Bodybuilders
Centra, Millstreet
Denis Quinn 
North Cork Co-Op
Pat Burke's, Kanturk
John Ryan Masonry
Centra, Rathmore
Mill Oils
Mallow Swimming Complex
AIB Millstreet
Kealy's Coaches
McCauls of Millstreet
Country Clean
C.J. Fallon
Kanturk Golf Club
Reens Pharmacy
Noel C. Duggans
And all others who wish to remain anonymous!

Image result for christmas raffle tickets"

A sincere thank you and well done to all the pupils of Cullen N.S. and their families for selling the tickets for the Christmas Raffle. A GREAT effort was made and it is greatly appreciated. The draw was held on Friday 20th December and lots of girls and boys were very happy going home the day of the Christmas Holidays with their prizes:

Image result for christmas winner"

                        First Prize:                                        Second Prize:


                        Third Prize:                                 Fourth Prize:                       


                            Fifth Prize:                                 Sixth Prize:


                            Seventh Prize:                            Eight Prize:


Image result for Santa on his sleigh"

A Visit from Santa 

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Look who popped in to see all the boys and girls before Christmas.....
Santa even brought a treat for all the girls and boys. He said they are all on his Nice List. Well done boys and girls - keep up the good work being nice!

Junior & Senior Infants excited to see Santa!


Image result for halloween clipart"

Halloween Colouring Competition

Thanks to our hardworking Parents Association for organising a Halloween Colouring Competition for all the pupils from Junior Infants to Sixth Class. See the fabulous Halloween prize-buckets below:

          Junior Infant Category                                   WOW!


        Senior Infant Category                                   Super work!


        First Class Category                                Amazing!


    Second Class Category                                An- mhaith!


    Third Class Category                                      Ar fheabhas!


    Fourth Class Category                                  Go hálainn!  


        Fifth Class Category                            Brilliant!


        Sixth Class Category                                    Superb!

                                                                     by Finn O' Dwyer

Image result for luke murphy cork minor football
Our very own past-pupil, Luke Murphy, will be visiting our school tomorrow with the renowned Tom Markham Cup (Minor All-Ireland Cup). He is expected to visit at approximately midday. Parents are welcome to attend the school at this time to celebrate this momentous achievement by one of our own.

Image result for harvest Mass
The annual Harvest Mass will be celebrated on Sunday, 13th October. We will also have our first Do This in Memory of Me for the Second Class during this Mass.

Image result for parent teacher meetings
Parent-Teacher meetings for Senior Infants to Sixth Class will take place on Thursday, 14th November. Your child will be furnished with an allotted time closer to the date. Parent-Teacher Meetings for Junior Infants will take place later in the school year.

Image result for first holy communion
First Holy Communion for this year's Second Class pupils will take place on Saturday, 16th May, 2020.

We have all settled back into the school routine at this stage. Our fourteen junior infants have become accustomed to life in "big school". 
 All parents received information from the school today, containing the following information:

1) New staff member: We would like to take this opportunity to welcome Michelle Twomey to our staff. Ms Twomey is an SNA assigned to the infant classroom.
2) Upcoming events such as the Harvest Mass and parent-teacher meetings.
3) School insurance details

Sheila Fitzgerald, photographer for The Corkman, visited our school during the week to take photographs of our new entrants. These photographs will hopefully be in this Thursday's copy of The Corkman.

Image result for reminder
Please remember to send envelopes to school this week, containing the following contributions:
1) Book Rental
2) Supplies
3) English Portfolio (3rd class to 6th class)

Please ensure that your child's name is on the envelope. Thank you!

Image result for name tags
Please ensure that all of your child's belongings are labelled with your child's name, to avoid confusion during the year. We would appreciate it if you would label your child's name clearly on his/her school jumper/cardigan and check this frequently throughout the year to ensure it hasn't faded. "My Nametags" is just one example of an online company which provides labels that do not fade.

Image result for back to school
We hope everybody is enjoying the summer holidays. School will re-open on Friday, 30th August.
School gates open each morning at 9:10 am and school commences at 9:20 am.

Image result for summer holidays
School will be closing for the summer holidays on Wednesday, 26th June. 

Image result for sports day
We are currently waiting for a dry day for our annual sport's day. Keep your fingers and toes crossed that we will have a day's sunshine in the coming week!

Image result for graduation mass
This year's Graduation Mass for sixth class pupils will take place on Friday, 21st June at 10 am. 

Image result for school tour
This year's school tour is a visit to Mallow Complex on Thursday, 20th June. All classes will be heading on the tour this year. We have been to Mallow Complex before and it was very popular with our boys and girls! Details to follow.

Image result for walk on wednesday
The children and staff will have a walk-to-school next Wednesday, 19th June. Details to follow.

Image result for welcome
Our new Junior Infants (September, 2019) will be visiting the school tomorrow with their parents. We have plenty fun activities lined up for the children. We look forward to seeing you all!

Image result for kdys
KDYS are currently running a transition programme for sixth class pupils to prepare them for the change of school. This programme is very beneficial and popular every year. It runs over four weeks.

Image result for apologies
Apologies, our website has been experiencing technical difficulties recently, but we are back up and running again!

Image result for holy communion cartoon
Congratulations to our second class boys who received their First Holy Communion on Saturday, 18th May. We are so proud of our second class boys! 

Image result for well done
Well done to our boys football team who won the Rural Schools football final in Knocknagree on Friday, 17th May. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Kevin O' Dwyer for providing training sessions for our middle and senior classes for the past few months in the school and community hall. 

To celebrate 100 years of service, Tureen Creamery ran a colouring competition and an art competition before Easter. We were informed this week that two of our students were successful and both students won a trophy for their efforts. Well done to John Hickey and Labhras O' Dwyer!

Related image

KDYS will be running their annual "Transitioning to Secondary School" programme again this year. The four sessions will take place on the following dates for the sixth class pupils:
1) Tuesday, 4th June
2) Tuesday, 11th June
3) Tuesday, 18th June
4) Tuesday, 25th June

For more information on KDYS and the services it provides, please visit: www.kdys.ie

Image result for reminder

Standardised testing begins next week. We will be starting with English and Spelling on Tuesday, 21st May.  Maths testing will take place on Tuesday, 28th May. Gaeilge will take place on Wednesday, 29th May. 

Good Luck | T-Shirt typography lettering t-shirt design good luck illustration graphic design roberto savino logo design
The very best of luck to our boys football team who will be playing in the Rural-Schools Football Final this Friday, 17th May against Derinagree. We will be cheering you on!

Image result for enrolment day
Our Enrolment Day will take place on Thursday, 13th June from 11:15 to 12:15. Parents and new pupils are welcome to attend on this day. We look forward to seeing you all!

Image result for holy communion picture drawing
The second class pupils, along with the other classes are busy rehearsing for the First Holy Communion which will take place in Cullen Church on Saturday, 18th May at 11 a.m.

Image result for green flagImage result for green flagImage result for green flag
Image result for green flagImage result for green flagImage result for green flag
A Sixth Green Flag for Cullen National School!
Our school received notification this week that we were successful with our application for our sixth green flag! The staff and pupils are delighted that their hard work has paid off once again. More details to follow!

Welcome back to all our students. We have all recovered by now from our Easter holidays and all the chocolate consumed! On the day of the Easter holidays, a large hamper was raffled by the Parents' Association. Thank you to all involved in the organisation of this event.

We will be heading to Mallow Complex for our school tour this year on Thursday, 20th May. (Junior Infants - Sixth Class)

Image result for walk to school
Our annual Walk-to-School will take place on Wednesday, 19th May. More details to follow.

Image result for spring clean
Our annual Spring Clean will take place on Wednesday, 12th June during school hours. All children will be involved in the clean-up. No doubt they will enjoy the break from the school books!

Image result for standardised testing
Our annual Standardised Testing will take place on the following dates:
English and Spelling= Tuesday, 21st May
Maths= Tuesday, 28th May
Gaeilge= Wednesday, 29th May
Please ensure your child is present on these dates.

Image result for active school week
Active School Week will take place from Tuesday, 7th May until Friday, 10th May. More details to follow!

Image result for holy communion cartoon
First Holy Communion for our second class pupils will take place on Saturday, 18th May at 11 a.m.The boys are very busy preparing for the sacrament.

Image result for gymnastics cartoon
We have now finished our gymnastics sessions for this year. The children have really enjoyed their weekly classes.

The children and staff are continuing with our weekly Friday walk down to the football pitch. It has been a particularly pleasant walk recently with the beautiful weather.

Image result for easter holidays
School will close for the Easter holidays at 12:00 on Friday, 12th April.

Image result for reminder
There will be no school tomorrow for the pupils of Cullen N.S., in order to facilitate a staff training day. Enjoy your day off!

Our Visit to Killarney National Park:
The staff and pupils had a very eventful and enjoyable trip to Killarney National Park last Friday, 22nd March. We were so delighted to see thirteen deer roaming in the wild. We learned about the various breeds of deer which live in and around the national park.
Humane traps had been set the night prior to our visit. These were checked when we were there and the children were absolutely delighted with their findings! The rodents were allowed to return to the wild, after a quick introduction to the children of Cullen N.S.!
The children also gathered insects using pooters and large nets. These insects were then identified and placed under microscopes for further investigation.
We also donned our wellies and used sieves in the water to collect water creatures to examine.
We had a great day and we will cherish the memories. Compliments to all the staff in Knockreer for making us feel so welcome.

Image result for knockreer house

Image result for confirmation
Congratulations to our Fifth and Sixth Class pupils who received the Sacrament of Confirmation today in Millstreet. We hope you all enjoyed your special day.

Image result for reminder
"Green Day" will be held this Friday, 15th March! We will be raising funds this Lent for Trócaire. All donations greatly appreciated.

Image result for scor na bpaisti
Congratulations to our Scór na bPáistí County Ballad Group champions who won first place on Saturday in Ovens. Congratulations also to their tutor, Maria O' Sullivan.

Image result for trocaire
A representative from Trócaire, Janet, paid us a visit on Tuesday. Her presentation was insightful and the children were very interested to hear about the Trojan work which Trócaire are completing overseas.They are helping families in Africa, India and Central America with 46 years. Last year, 8 million was raised from the Trócaire Lenten Boxes. This year highlights the importance of land. Maya, Maria and Patricia are the three children who are pictured on this year's Lenten Boxes.  TJ Ryan presented Janet with a wonderful picture during the presentation.

Image result for green schools
Best of luck to our Green Schools committee and all classes who have been working so hard to obtain our sixth Green Flag! The theme for these past two years has been "Global Citizen Litter and Waste. Mrs.Cremin is the co-ordinator behind the Green School's committee this time around. 
 Year Co-Ordinator Theme
 Mrs. Kelleher Litter and Waste
 Mrs. Bourke     Energy                
 Mrs. Bourke Water
 Mrs. Bourke Travel
 Ms. Murphy Biodiversity

Image result for scór na bpáistí
Well done to our pupils who competed in the ballad group in the Scór na bPáistí County Final in Oven yesterday. We are very proud of you. They sang "Lovely Derry on the Banks of the Foyle" and "Belfast Mill". Well done also to their tutor, Maria O'Sullivan.

Image result for book fair
Our recent Book Fair was a huge success and we have been awarded with 540 euro worth of free books for our school! Thank you to all the parents for supporting this annual event. No doubt there isn't a coin left in the piggy banks!

Today we welcomed all the Nanas and Grandads into our school and we celebrated Grandparents' day with music, artwork and a cup of tea! Excitement filled the classrooms and corridors today and a great time was had by all.
Some of the very impressive artwork that was on display in our school today to celebrate Grandparents' Day:

Image result for midterm break

We will be on our midterm break on Thursday, 21st February and Friday, 22nd February.


Confirmation will take place on Wednesday, 20th March.

Image result for school tour

Our school tour is booked already! We will be heading to Mallow Complex on Thursday, 20th June. All classes will be going on the school tour this year.

Image result for school closure
The school will be closed on Monday, March 25th for a staff training day.

Image result for trocaire

We will have our annual Trócaire visit on Tuesday, 12th March for all the children. 

Image result for book fair

Our annual book fair will take place on Tuesday, 26th February and Wednesday, 27th February from 2:00 to 3:30 pm. All are welcome to attend. Our book fair is always a very popular event with the children and the excitement is growing already!

Image result for parent teacher meetings

Parent-Teacher meetings will take place on Tuesday, 19th February. Your child's class teacher will allocate a time for you to discuss your child's progress.

Image result for grandparents day

Grandparents' Day has been rescheduled for Wednesday, 13th February at 12:30 p.m.

Image result for enrolment

Enrolment forms for the next academic year, 2019/2020, are available from this website under the heading "Forms".

Image result for book fair

Our annual book fair will take place at the end of February. This is an event which causes a lot of excitement among the pupils! 

Image result for first confession

Second class pupils will receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation (First Confession) in Cullen on Thursday, 28th February at 7:00 pm.

Image result for gymnastics picture clip art

Gymnastics will begin on Tuesday, 26th February (every Tuesday), for 6 weeks. 

Image result for grandparents day

We would like to welcome all grandparents of our students to the school on Wednesday, 30th January at 12:30 pm. This will be a great opportunity for the children to show-off their school to their Grannies and Grandads! Looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday.

Congratulations and best wishes to a past pupil of ours, Ciarán O' Sullivan who has been called to represent the Republic of Ireland Under-15 squad. The squad will travel to Spain next week for three matches against Spain, the Netherlands and Hungary. Ciarán, who plays for Mallow United, is the sole Munster representative. It seems like yesterday that Ciarán was kicking the football around our schoolyard during lunchtime! Well done on such a fantastic achievement, Ciarán. We are very proud of you.

Image result for congrats

Congratulations to Emily Nagle, Clodagh O' Connor, Maggie Moynihan, Katie O' Sullivan and Gemma Nagle on their recent success; they are reigning Munster champions in the ballad-group section! Well done to you all!                                                            

Image result for best of luck
Best wishes to our past pupils and current pupil, Emily Nagle in the Munster Scór na nÓg final tomorrow. They will be performing as a ballad group. We are extremely proud of them all and have been lucky enough to see them perform on many an occasion over the past few years. Emily received quite the send-off in school on Friday! Best of luck ladies; we are very proud of you.


Congratulations are in order for the pupils of First, Second and Third class who recently won best in the county in a national art competition run by The National Disability Authority. The theme for the competition was "Someone Like Me". This competition promotes awareness and understanding of disability issues amongst primary school children. Our children in First, Second and Third class entered the competition in September with Mrs. Kelleher. Their efforts have been rewarded with a 100 euro voucher for their classroom and a 200 euro voucher for the school. Congratulations to all involved!

Image result for clothes collectionOur next clothes collection will take place in March. We appreciate any donations from anyone from Cullen or the wider community. You are welcome to drop bags to the school any day during school hours, on or before Friday, 8th March. These clothes collections provide much needed funds for our school. Your donations are always greatly appreciated.

Thank you to all our sponsors for their very generous donations:


Great fun was had by all in school before the Christmas holidays. We had a Christmas Jumper Day, Christmas movie and a Christmas disco! Treats were given to the children to reward them for their hard work in this year's Nativity Play. Thank you to our sponsors who supported this year's Christmas raffle in school. We are also gratefult to the families in the school who worked hard to sell tickets for the raffle. 

On Friday, 21st December, we had a surprise visit from Santa! This obviousy caused a lot of excitement throughout the school. He assured all the boys and girls in Cullen N.S. that they are on the Nice List. 

Thank you to the Parents Association for decorating the school hall for our Christmas disco and for your continued support. It is much appreciated, as always. 

School will close for the Christmas holidays this Friday, 21st December at 12:30 pm. We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy Christmas. See you all on Monday, 7th January, 2019!

Congratulations to all our pupils who participated in this year's Nativity Play in the Church on Friday, 14th December. We are very proud of you all!

The children are busy rehearsing for the upcoming Nativity Play which will take place in Cullen Church, on Friday, 14th December.

Our very successful Jumble Sale:

Image result for snap happy images

Related image
We welcome Ms. Nora Meade-Moynihan as our new principal. We hope you enjoy your time at Cullen National School. We are a caring, vibrant school community and we want you to feel part of our team. Together, we will continue to do our best for our children. Welcome to Cullen National School!

We will be holding our Cheerios Breakfast Morning on Thursday. Please ensure your child brings a bowl and spoon to school! All donations are greatly appreciated. Please read below to find out more.

Where does your money go?

  • All funds raised from Cheerios® Childline Breakfast Week to fund Childline, the only the national active listening service for all children and young people in Ireland, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Childline is free, anonymous and confidential.
  • Every year, over 350,000 calls are made by children and young adults to our phone line, text and online services.
  • Childline is staffed by a team of volunteers and by staff members who train and supervise volunteers to ensure a consistent and high quality service to children and young people.
  • Children call Childline for many reasons; they might just want to talk to someone, or may be lonely, upset, worried, or may have experienced trauma or abuse. When children contact Childline, they are seeking a listening ear and often feel that they have nowhere else to turn.

Image result for retirement party, image

A retirement party will be held in honour of Mrs. Kelleher, to celebrate her many years of dedication and to show her our appreciation for all her work and effort throughout her fourteen years as Principal in Cullen N.S.
Mass will be celebrated by Fr. Fitzgerald in Cullen Church this coming Friday, 19th October at 7pm. Pupils, parents,former staff members, past-pupils, members of the community and beyond are all most welcome to attend. The school children will provide the music for the mass.
The celebrations will continue afterwards in the community centre, where music will be provided by past-pupils of Mrs. Kelleher. Any past-pupils who wish to provide this entertainment are most welcome to perform with the others. Tea and baking will be provided by the parents. 
We are all looking to a night filled with stories and laughter!

Image result for jumble sale images
It is almost that time of year again folks! Our 6th Class pupils are busy preparing for this year's Jumble Sale, which will take place in the school on Friday, 26th October. We would ask you to search through your children's toy boxes and donate any unwanted toys please. Children are welcome to wear a Halloween costume on the day of the Jumble Sale. We would advise you to give your children bags (labelled with their names) going to school that day so they can bring home their valuable treasure! A sweet shop will be organised on the day by the 6th class. Competitions such as Penalty Shoot Out, Guess the Number of Sweets, Cullen's Got Talent will be run. Please provide your child with a little purse/wallet. 

Clip Art Farewell
There will be a Mass in Cullen Church on Friday, 19th October at 7:00pm to bid a fond farewell to our principal, Mrs. Kelleher. The children of our school are busy practising their songs and readings for this Mass. Parents, current pupils, past pupils and members of the community and beyond are all most welcome to attend. 

Parents, we ask you to get the aprons and sieves out for the occasion! You never cease to amaze us with your culinary expertise! Please drop your baking to the hall prior to the Mass. After Mass, all are invited to attend celebrations in the community centre. Music will be provided by past-pupils of Mrs. Kelleher, pupils who would have formed part of our school band at some stage. We welcome these musicians to bring their instrument of choice on the night, to be part of this momentous occasion.

Image result for instruments

Welcome Back to School:

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome everybody back after the summer holidays. We hope that everyone had a most enjoyable break and we look forward to the school year ahead.

We regret to inform you that Mrs. Kelleher, our principal for the past fourteen years, has decided to retire. Mrs. Kelleher joined the staff back in 2004 and taught the senior classes for most of that time. She has been responsible for the school winning numerous accolades, including the national Dear Grace writing competition countless years in succession and many Discover Science awards, as well as a Blue Flag.
It is because of Mrs. Kelleher that our school is known far and wide for its many singers and musicians. Her love of music is contagious and it is for this reason that we boast an impressive school band. Our school band has been know to contain keyboards, violins, recorders, tin whistles, flutes, accordions, concertinas, a glockenspiel, chimes, drums, etc! 
Mrs. Kelleher was also one of the driving forces behind our community obtaining a new school. She spent many, many hours meeting with the department of education, builders, the board of management, ensuring that our school would be an impressive build. 
It is thanks to Mrs. Kelleher that the children of our community have had the pleasure of being involved in so many extra-curricular activities. She has ensured that the pupils have received a high level of education- public speaking activities, wildlife projects, Christmas pagents, spring cleans through the village were all frequent outings.
Mrs. Kelleher, you will be greatly missed by the pupils and staff in our school. We wish you every happiness in your retirement. Don't forget to visit us!

Our sixth class pupils from last year are greatly missed. We are thinking of you all and hoping that you are settling into "big school" without too much difficulty.
A huge welcome is in order for our new Junior Infants! They have settled-in very well and not a tear in sight! Photos to follow over the coming days and weeks ahead.

Our annual Harvest Mass will take place on Sunday, 14th October. 

Holy Communion for second class will take place on Saturday, 18th May.

The date for Confirmation is yet to be confirmed.

Our next Clothes Collection will take place Tuesday, 25th September. We welcome all bags of unwanted clothes and shoes. These bags will provide some much needed funding for our school for the upcoming year, so please get packing!

Summer 2018:

We bid a fond farewell to our sixth class pupils recently, when their parents were invited to attend our annual Graduation Mass in school. All children participated in the mass by singing and playing instruments. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Parents’ Association for providing the delicious refreshments on the day. Nobody went home hungry!

We wish our sixth class pupils all of the very best in their future endeavours and hope they will remember their years in primary school with fondness. 

Data Protection

The general Data Protection Regulation comes into effect on the 25th May 2018. Please see information below. This is also in the policy section on this website for your viewing. 

We had a wonderful time participating in Walk to school Wednesday! 

We are working hard towards achieving our 6th Green Flag and we are maintaining our first 5 Green Flags! On Wednesday last we all put on our hi-vis vests to walk to school. The sun was shining and off we went. Thank you to all children and staff for taking part and thank you to all parents/grandparents who also walked with us. A special thanks  to Catherine Cronin who kindly dropped all the lunch boxes to the school for us so we could walk without baggage and to Garda O Dwyer for escorting us. The children were thrilled to see Garda O Dwyer and hear the siren! We are looking forward to next years walk already. 

Buddy Learning at Cullen National School

Busy this week with our helpers from Mrs. Cremin's class helping the boys and girls of Mrs. Kelleher's class with their English work. Lots of work done and great  fun had by all!

Upcoming Events

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Standardized Testing will take place in the school on the dates listed below. We urge all children to be present on these dates if possible:
Wednesday, 6th June= English
Thursday, 7th June= Gaeilge
Thursday, 14th June= Maths

Our Sports Day will be scheduled for a day with blue skies and sunshine....hopefully! Children will be notified in advance of the day by their class teachers.

Graduation Mass for our Sixth Class pupils will take place on Thursday, 21st June.

Our annual School Tour will take place in Tralee this year, including a trip to the Wetlands. This tour will take place on Friday, 22nd June.

Holy Communion

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First Holy Communion will take place in Cullen Church on Saturday  28th of April, 2018 at 11am. We are looking forward to it and all are welcome to attend. 

Slapped Cheek

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A case of Slapped Cheek (viral infection) has been confirmed in the school. Please refer to the HSE website or you GP for further information.

Cullen N.S. goes Farming!

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Last week we were taken on a very enjoyable trip to Kanturk. We were first taken on a tour of a farm and saw cows being milked and we came up close and personal with a few small four-legged creatures!

Next on the agenda was Kanturk Creamery and we learned how to make cream the old-fashioned way. We then went to Super Valu where they accept the milk and check its temperature. We then went to Temperance Hall where we ate and watched a video and presentation regarding the work carried out in the creamery. Finally, we visited Kanturk Mart, where we were treated to a knowledgeable account of the activities of a mart. 
We all thoroughly enjoyed our day!

Art and Fun in Mrs. Kelleher’s Classroom

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Saint Patrick’s Day Celebrations

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There was a competition in our school today for “Best Dressed for St. Patrick’s Celebrations” with the stipulation being that the costume had to be homemade! The overall winner was given the honor of breaking the piñata! Every child was given a treat to finish.

EGGSperts in the Making!

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We had a very egg-citing few weeks at Cullen National School waiting for our chicks to hatch.

First off we would like to thank Nelson and Heidi Diaz for supplying us with an incubator and eggs and for the work that was involved in this project. In order for the chicks to hatch, Nelson and Heidi had to collect fertile eggs and transfer them to the incubator as soon as possible. Then they brought the incubator into school where it was kept. We were all able to look at the eggs every day and see how they were growing inside. We used a flash light to look into the eggs to see the blood vessels.

We had to make sure the eggs were kept in the incubator for 21 days until they hatched. They had to be kept at 37.5 degrees in order for the chicks to grow and hatch. We had to make sure we didn’t pick them up too often as it would disturb their growth. The incubator also turned the eggs which mimics the efforts of a hen and the eggs were never resting on their same side. 

There was fierce excitement at school when day 21 was approaching. We couldn’t wait to see the first chick that would hatch. Like clockwork on day 21, there was a chick waiting for us in the incubator when we came into school. The next step was then to place the chick into a brooder, where it was going to spend the first few weeks of its life. We fed the chicks water and pellets. Over the next week the rest of the chicks were born.

We couldn’t believe how fast the chicks grew. Every day we could see them getting bigger and bigger. After a few days, because it was Easter, the newly born chicks were sent home with Nelson and Heidi who kindly cared for them. In the middle of April, the chicks returned to the school so that children could buy the chicks if they wished.

Children of the Eucharist (C.O.T.E.)

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Children of the Eucharist (C.O.T.E.) is a ministry available to primary schools which focuses on the Adoration of Jesus present in the Eucharist. Following an initial hour-long presentation  made to the children in the school, which places the Sacrament of the Eucharist in the context of the Sacraments of Baptism and Reconciliation, the children adore the Blessed Sacrament exposed in the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary for c. thirty minutes. During this time the children pray aloud in words and song, they listen to the Scripture, answer questions about it and listen to a reflection which is followed by silent attentiveness to God within. The Adoration is repeated monthly thereafter until shortly after the children have celebrated their First Holy Communion.

First Confession and Holy Communion

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First Confession will take place in the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Cullen on Thursday, March 8th at 7:00 p.m.

Our First Holy Communion will take place on Saturday, April 28th at 11:00 a.m.

As always, pupils from all classes are encouraged to attend the First Confession and First Holy Communion to celebrate with our Second Class pupils.

Book Fair

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Our annual Book Fair will take place on Wednesday, 28th February between 7:00 p.m. and  8:30 p.m. in our school. This event is always a great cause of excitement among the pupils because there are a wide variety of children's books, novels, stationery, posters, novelty sets, etc. available on the night. World Book Day vouchers can be used on the night. Looking forward to seeing you at this wonderful event!

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