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Safety Awareness Flag.

Here at Cullen NS, we held a competition to elect a new Safety Awareness Committee. The pupils had to come up with safety awareness ideas and the best group that won were Katie Morley, Molly Morley, Katie O Sullivan, Anna Moynihan and Amy Hickey. These talented ladies came up with a song about farm safety and were proudly elected safety officers for Cullen NS for the school year 2016/17. 

This year we worked really hard and achieved the safety flag for Road, Water and Farm Safety in Tír na Sí in Watergrashill, Cork in March 2017. We went to Tír na Sí to be presented our flag and we had a great day exploring the farm and learning about water, road and farm safety. 

To prepare for the day we made our own poem, slogan, posters and we even made up our own song "7 years old" which our safety officers performed on the day.