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Green School Flags

Our school has been awarded 6 Green Flags!

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We have received recognition for the following themes:

Litter and Waste
Global Citizenship: Litter and Waste 

Our theme for this school year  (2018/2019) was       
 "Global CItizenship- Litter and Waste".
Watch this space!

Thank you to the Green Schools Committee for a most informative presentation today about the global effects of litter and waste. Best of luck tomorrow in our assessment! 27/03/2019

We have been busy planting seeds! We have set carrot, turnip and spinach seeds. We have also planted three potatoes and three strawberry plants.
We have been studying about ocean waste and the effect plastics are having on our planet.

We are continuing to ensure lights are turned off when they are not needed. We are also promoting recycling. We organise a clothes collection on a regular basis.

Below is a sample of the work which has been carried out in school:

Walk to school Wednesday May 2018!

We are working hard towards achieving our 6th Green Flag and we are maintaining our first 5 Green Flags! On Wednesday last we all put on our hi-vis vests to walk to school. The sun was shining and off we went. Thank you to all children and staff for taking part and thank you to all parents/grandparents who also walked with us. A special thanks  to Catherine Cronin who kindly dropped all the lunch boxes to the school for us so we could walk without baggage and to Garda O Dwyer for escorting us. The children were thrilled to see Garda O Dwyer and hear the siren! We are looking forward to next years walk already. 

Sincere thank you to Donncha O Connor for coming to our school and raising our green flag, but also for taking the time to sign jerseys for the children. 

Raising our 5th Green Flag.

Thanks to the Millstreet website for sharing our wondering achievement! Please see the above link to view!

On 16th May 2017 we are very proud to say that we raised our 5th Green Schools Flag here at Cullen NS. Ms. Murphy and the green schools committee worked very hard all year to achieve this flag and we are very proud. We celebrated at school with Cork All-Ireland winning footballer Donncha O Connor doing the honours for us by raising the flag. Parents and grand parents came to celebrate with us and made some beautiful cakes and treats as well. We had a great day. 

Our 5th Green Flag, this time for Biodiversity!


We have just been awarded our 5th Green Flag for biodiversity! We are thrilled. Ms. Murphy and her Green Schools' Committee have worked really hard this year. We are very proud of all their hard work during the school year 2016/17.Well done to all. Here are some photo's of the great work undertaken this year.

We made bird feeders using pine cones, peanut butter, wire and bird seed. We had the best fun!



We were delighted to have Chris Barron visit us. Chris is an Environmental educator at Killarney National Park Education Centre. He brought some furry stuffed wild Irish animals and birds for us to look at! Thank you Chris for visiting us, we found the day very informative and really enjoyed it!


We made a log pile so that a multitude of different insects can be supported. The log pile also provides refuge for small mammals.


We learned about all the different wild Irish animals, birds, plants and flowers.


We put up bird houses around the school grounds and fed the birds. We saw lots of different types of birds.


We had great fun planting a willow tree.


We cornered off an area of land and left it uncultivated for wildlife to enjoy.


More planting in the classroom. This time we planted cress, radishes and microgreens.



We have green fingers here at Cullen NS!
We were very happy with our results.


We held a competition to see who could come up with the best slogan and poster for Biodiversity. We had some very interesting and creative entries.



The winner of the competition was Rebecca Moynihan, 5th Class. A big congratulations to Rebecca.
Thanks to all the other pupils who entered.


Our Biodiversity moto for Cullen NS, thanks to Rebecca:
"Truth be told, Biodiversity is worth more than gold".

Our green schools committee presented lessons to the whole school on a variety of biodiversity topics. We learned so much from their presentations.


Our Green Flag History.

During the school year ‘08/’09 we embarked on the project of Green Schools and successfully achieved our first Green Flag. All pupils were greatly involved in this programme and we all benefited from it. March the 26
th 2009 was a very special day in our school as the then Minister for Education Batt O’ Keeffe, himself a native of Cullen, raised our flag to great cheers and applause.

We then embarked on the second phase of this project which was electricity.
Phase Three for Water Conservation was successfully completed and we now have a 3rd Green Flag in Cullen.

Phase Four concentrated on Transport and once again Cullen succeeded in achieving a Green Flag.

Phase Five concentrated on Biodiversity and we have succeeded in achieving the Green Flag.

Information on Green School Flags

(1) Committee Members

Many thanks to the following pupils and staff who volunteered to direct and address all phases of the Green-Schools Programme: Emma Byrne, Christopher Duggan, James Fitzgerald, Mark Hickey, Cian Kelleher, Hugh Linehan, Aidan Morley, Séamus Moynihan, Ms. Moynihan, Ms. Murphy, Mahilet O’ Leary, Vy Ha O’ Leary, Seán O’ Riordan and Katie O’ Sullivan.

(2) Themes/Projects undertaken to date

Cullen N.S. will continue to uphold its previous achievements in the areas of recycling, reducing water consumption and sustainable travel.

Already, we have investigated the necessity of the bumble-bee for pollination and we have learned about why biodiversity is so important.  We have also learned about the many threats to biodiversity, such as the removal of hedges, the use of chemical cleaners, invasive species (Japanese knotweed and Himalayan balsam) and climate change.  As a whole-school, we have examined how we can help biodiversity and we have implemented some of these changes on the school grounds: Nesting boxes for wild birds have been attached to trees near the playground and we have also erected a bird feeder.  We have a leaf-pile, a log-pile and a bug-hotel for mini-beasts to make themselves at home.  An area of grass has been cordoned off to be left unmanaged so that Irish wildflowers can thrive and thus ensure our pollinators are satisfied.

We had a wonderful time making bird-feeders earlier this year to ensure that our wild birds would not go hungry during the cold winter months.

An ecologist and environmental educator visited our school to inform pupils about a wide range of Irish birds (jay / sparrow hawk / starling / raven / barn owl / eagle / mute swan / grey heron) and also wild Irish animals (red and grey squirrel / pine marten / hedgehog / rabbit / badger / mink / stoat / red deer / otter / long-eared bat, pipistrelle bat, lesser horseshoe bat).  The pupils thoroughly enjoyed viewing each of the above-mentioned stuffed birds and animals.

On Thursday, November 24th, senior class pupils had a wonderful day at Fota Wildlife Park.  They learned all about the many wild animals of the world, threats to their existence as well as Fota’s quest to remain environmentally friendly.

Pupils in Junior Infants, Senior Infants, First and Second class are currently embarking on the ‘Great Plant Hunt.’  They are learning about an allocated number of plants, birds and animals and they will soon complete a short survey, to determine their learning outcomes.

Cullen N.S. held its ‘Green School Action Day’ on Wednesday, February 8th.  Nuala, from I.R.D. Duhallow, spoke about invasive species in Duhallow and I.R.D.’s quest to eradicate Japanese Knotweed and Himalayan Balsam from local riverbanks and ditches.  Nuala also showed a most interesting video about the hen harrier, exposing its ‘Sky-dancing’ antics.  Green School Committee members presented power point presentations explaining why biodiversity is so important and also, factual information on wild Irish plants and flowers.  Attendants enjoyed viewing a selection of photographs which were taken during our many green-school activities over the course of the last two years.  We are very grateful to all parents, grandparents and members of the local community who attended on the day.  Thanks also to Nuala, for sharing her expertise on local biodiversity issues with us all.