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Discovery Primary Science Award in Maths & Science

Academic Instructional Technology / STEM Integration and Sustainability

STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines — science, technology, engineering and mathematics — in an interdisciplinary and applied approach.


A Hands on Approach to Maths!

Here in Cullen National School, we feel a hands-on approach is essential if children are to understand mathematical concepts.


Learning about 3D shapes is a great opportunity for a range of hands-on activities that will ensure your students know their cubes from their cuboids and prisms from their pyramids.

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Here at Cullen NS we love Science!

Science and Maths Project.
Cullen N.S. first participated in this Science and Maths Project in 2007, and have continued to do so annually. We have received a plaque each year to date.This is our tenth year participating in this project.

All classes from Infants to Sixth participate in this project. A specific number of science  experiments are undertaken each year. Here is a sample of what we have been up to this year!

We went on a great plant hunt to look for different wild Irish plants and flowers.
We found goldilocks buttercups, red clover, chickweed, white clover, pink daisies amongst others.

Here's what we found.





Our visit to the river Allow.

In conjunction with IRD Duhallow, the pupils of Cullen NS visited the river Allow in Greenane Park, Kanturk to see first hand the diversity of aquatic life still present in our rivers. They also get a chance to learn about freshwater ecology, aquatic monitoring and conservation works being carried out, to protect the habitats and wildlife species in the Blackwater Special Area of Conservation. The River Allow is one of a declining number of rivers in Ireland to still hold the threatened Freshwater Pearl Mussel. Although results from surveys by the LIFE team show that the population of Freshwater Pearl Mussel in the River Allow is now at a critical level and seriously in danger of disappearing altogether.

 Inland Fisheries Ireland Environmental Fisheries Officer, Andrew Gillespie with the assistance of his colleagues Michael and Colm, were on hand with their expert staff to show the kids all the wonderful life found in our rivers. Andrew also gave a classroom lecture on the project and river ecology prior to the departure to the river site.

Thank you Andrew, Colm, Michael and all at IRD Duhallow for this educational experience.

As you will see below, we had a great day!




We have green fingers!

In Mrs. Kelleher's class we grew broad beans, basil and parsley. We tested the conditions that these plants needed to grow. 

We investigated whether the seeds would grow without soil, light and water. Our results were interesting.



We had great fun baking.

We also had great fun eating the produce!



We really enjoyed testing different materials to investigate which were the most absorbent.