Requirements for Panoramas Published on 360Cities

This article is a part of Mastering 360Cities guide, chapter for Publishing Panoramas.

All panoramas that you upload to your account are reviewed before being published on the site. 

Technical requirements:
- JPEG or 8-bit TIFF format with no layers
- Only standard ASCII characters in the filename (examples of characters not allowed: ü, á, ě, etc.)
- Your panoramas must be 360º - the left side of your panorama must match with the right side of your panorama so the viewer can enjoy a fully immersive experience of looking all around without any visible seams
- The height of your panorama must be smaller than the width (vertical panoramas are not accepted)
Panoramas that don't meet the technical requirements will fail to upload. 

Spherical panoramas
To upload a fully spherical panorama, make sure the aspect ratio of your panorama in pixel width and height is 2:1. 
Example sizes of panoramas that will be treated as spherical: 6000x3000, 10000x5000, 8422x4211.

Non-spherical panoramas
We no longer require that the uploaded images have an aspect ratio of 2:1. To upload a non-spherical 360-degree panorama to 360Cities, simply upload it as any other panorama. We will detect everything automatically and show it using an appropriate projection. There are no special settings and limitations for these panoramas. Non-spherical panoramas with black holes or areas will never be selected for 360Cities so make sure you crop your images correctly if you want them to be selected.
Example sizes of panoramas that will be treated as cylindrical: 6000x2000, 6000x2999, 10000x2000.

Content requirements:
Please upload only family-safe photos to 360Cities. No panoramas that you wouldn't show to your kids, or to your family. No nude panoramas, no panoramas of sex salons, no violent panoramas, weird, abusive, etc. If you are not sure, in the worst case you can send a link to your unpublished pano for review to our forum (administrators of 360Cities see even unpublished panos so we can tell you if it's ok). If we find that you break this rule, we'll immediately delete your panorama and may even suspend your account.

- Drawings or computer generated images are accept for 360Cities, these panoramas are called “Out of this world” and they have a different behavior than the “real world” panoramas. Learn more about "Out of this world" panoramas

Panoramas that fail to meet content requirements are removed from your account without warning.

Public promotion requirements:
This includes promotion on the map, in the search results, nearby panoramas and various other places:
- Enjoyable quality and appropriate content
- Width at least 6000 pixels (exceptions are sometimes granted for good quality panoramas that are smaller)
- Fully spherical panorama or cylindrical panorama without any black borders (make sure you crop your images enough if you have black areas on top and bottom)
- Logos, if used, should be small and placed at the nadir (bottom). No big logos or advertisements are allowed. Exceptions: a small logo can be placed on the zenith (top) or very exceptionally elsewhere in the image ONLY if placing it on the nadir would cover an important feature in the pano. Placement at the zenith or anywhere other than the nadir should be a last resort.
- No holes or black areas in the sky or distorted or badly retouched sky (zenith)
- No huge hole in the nadir nor distorted bottom of the panorama (nadir) - Exceptions: Shadows, tripods, small holes and small mirror balls are ok
- No major stitching, color or exposure errors
If your panoramas are not selected for public promotion, you can still view them from your account and profile and you can share them without any limitations.
 More information

Are you waiting too long for your panorama to be reviewed?
We usually review all panoramas within days. If you think always wait too long, you might want to upgrade to a paid account and get a higher priority in the review queue (the higher the account the higher the priority you will get). We guarantee the review for all paid account panoramas within 7 days but usually this happens within 1-2 days.

Promoting Businesses
- Only PRO and COMPANY account holders can publish panoramas promoting businesses.
If your panorama is flagged as promoting a business and you don't have a PRO account, the panorama will be unpublished.

The images you upload to 360Cities must have a minimum width of 6000 pixels to be selected for 360Cities and Google Earth. Exceptions are sometimes granted for good quality panoramas that are smaller. Panoramas smaller than this don't look good in fullscreen view. The images must NOT be enlarged because this reduces the quality of the image. With ALL dSLR cameras, it is possible to make a panorama that is 6000 pixels wide or larger. All of our panoramas load at the same speed - very fast! It doesn't matter if the original image is 6000 or 25000 pixels wide.
Tip: In case you're not already aware, we are using a multi-resolution tiling system to display the panos. This has two advantages. First, the pano will load much faster because it only needs to load the necessary tiles depending on the screensize and the part of the pano you're looking at first. Second, it allows you to zoom in to the original resolution of the panorama.

Images should be in JPEG or TIFF (8 bit) formats with no layers. TIFF files can have up to 65536 x 32768 resolution. We recommend that TIFF files be uploaded  using FTP. JPEG files can have up to 30000 x 15000 resolution (which is the maximum size allowed by JPEG format). JPEG compression (quality) should be ideally 85-90% to ensure a good viewing experience.

  • My panoramas are in flash / cube strip / quicktime format. Can I upload these?
    No, you can only upload your panoramas in flat equirectangular projection format.

    My connection is not very good / I have a lot of images, can I use FTP to upload the images?
    Yes, we allow all of our users to upload their panoramas via FTP. You can see the FTP login details on your account page. More information

    Is it possible to upload panoramas via email?

    Am I required to georeference (place on the map) my images?
    Yes! Part of the fun of publishing panoramas on 360Cities is that we show the world your work. So, we need to know exactly where you made your images. See also metadata requirements.

    How do I upload a better version of my panorama?
    You can replace your existing panorama with a new one and still keep all your existing metadata. Here's how.
  • This article is a part of Mastering 360Cities guide, chapter for Publishing Panoramas.