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About the Author

I worked as a qualitative researcher most of my working life, carrying out interviews and focus groups generally around health and social care problems.  I have written numerous books, reports and journal articles on a range of issues. Most of these were written for health or social care professionals, rather than the general public.

I am American in origin, but have lived in London with my English husband since 1968.  We have two grown-up children and two grandsons, age 6 and 11. 

In July 2017, I was designated 'Member of the Year' by Books Go Social, a book promoting organisation.  They interviewed me about my writing and you can see this interview here.

In addition to Celebrating Grandmothers, I have written two other narrative books, intended for the general public:

Wise Before their Time:
People with AIDS and HIV talk about their lives, Fount Books, 1992.  Foreword by Sir Ian McKellan 

Unlike most books describing people with AIDS and HIV, this one is compiled almost entirely from interviews set out in their own words. The idea was conceived in the course of planning the 5th International Conference of People with HIV and AIDS. This took place in London in September 1991, with about 550 participants from more than 50 countries. My fellow author, Dietmar Bolle, who died from AIDS in January 1992, was the principal organiser of the conference. He had invited applicants to send, with their registration forms, their personal stories for possible publication.  We supplemented their accounts with interviews and this book is the result.

Life in a Hospice:
Reflections on caring for the dying, Radcliffe Books, 2007.  Foreword by Tony Benn.  

Highly Commended by the British Medical Association 2008.

There is growing public and professional attention to end-of-life care and the way dying patients and their families are treated. This book is about hospices, seen through the eyes of the people who work in them.  How can hospices make the process dignified and peaceful as possible? What sort of people dedicate their careers to helping the dying? What difficulties do they experience and what makes it all worthwhile? This book provides vivid, real-life accounts of hospice life from managers, doctors, nurses and support staff. The thought-provoking narratives provide vital insights into the type of work undertaken. They examine the differences between hospice and hospital care, and explore the challenges, personal motivations and the many ways hospices strive to meet the needs of patients and their families with sensitivity and respect. Life in a Hospice is enlightening reading for members of the public as well as for healthcare Professionals.