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·        PaperCross-cultural regularities in the cognitive architecture of pride.

o   La Nación (Argentina) –  3/2017 – La aprobación de los otros y la psicología de la sociabilidad
o   World Economic Forum –  2/2017Pride has a bad reputation, but here's why it might be a good thing
o   Ars Technica –  2/2017Feeling proud is probably a sign that people think you’re great
o   Phys.org –  2/2017Humans correctly forecast the personal qualities valued in their local population, and generate pride accordingly: study
o   UCSB Press Release –  2/2017Pride — Sin or Incentive?

  o   University of Oxford Press Release –  2/2017 – Is pride a sin or an incentive?



·        Revista Capital (Chile) –  9/2011 – El doctor de la vergüenza

·        Prensa Libre (Guatemala) – 3/2014 – Especialista de la vergüenza

·        PaperShame closely tracks the threat of devaluation by others, even across cultures

o   Press

o   The Boston Globe –  3/2016 – Shame on you—and others

o   Daily Mail (UK) – 3/2016 – Shame isn't necessarily a bad thing

o   The Washington Post –  10/2016 – Feel ashamed? Good for you!

o   The Huffington Post –  3/2016 – The Unexpected Reason It’s Healthy To Feel Shame

o   How Stuff Works –  3/2016 – There's an Evolutionary Reason Humans Developed the Ability to Feel Shame

o   Quartz –  3/2016 – The evolutionary advantage of feeling ashamed of yourself

o   Sapiens –  2/2016 – There’s No Shame in Shame

o   Phys.org –  2/2016 – Study shows shame allows humans to anticipate social devaluation and adjust intensity of defensive response

o   ReliaWire –  2/2016 – Why Did Humans Evolve Ability To Feel Shame?

o   The Science Explorer –  2/2016 – Shame is Actually Critical for Our Survival, Researchers Argue

o   Science Alert –  2/2016 – Shame is a survival mechanism that reins in behaviour across cultures, scientists say

o   Applied Evolutionary Psychology Society –  3/2016 – The Evolution Of Shame: Why Shame Is Adaptive

o   UCSB Press Release –  2/2016 – For Shame

o    Audio

o   Inside Higher Ed –  4/2016 – Shame and Social Devaluation


Economic Redistribution

·        Paper: Support for redistribution is shaped by compassion, envy, and self-interest, but not a taste for fairness.       

o  Marginal Revolution –  8/2017 – Support for Redistribution is Shaped by Compassion, Envy and Self-Interest not Fairness

o  Reason –  8/2017 – Support for Redistribution Shaped by Compassion, Self-Interest, Envy

                   o  UCSB Press Release – 7/2017 – Sharing the Wealth 

                   o  Université de Montréal Press Release – 8/2017 – Qu’est-ce qui nous motive réellement à appuyer la redistribution de la richesse? 


·        Paper: The ancestral logic of politics: Upper body strength regulates men's assertion of self-interest over economic redistribution

o   La Nación (Argentina) –  4/2017 – Escrito en el cuerpo: Ideas que se niegan a desaparecer

o   The Economist (UK) –  10/2012 – Political strength

o   The Wall Street Journal –  10/2012 – Week in Ideas

o   Daily Mail (UK) –  5/2013 – Men who are physically strong are more likely to have right wing political views

o   Los Angeles Times –  5/2013 – Do Obama's small biceps explain his liberal politics?

o   The Huffington Post –  10/2012 – Policy and Prowess: Did Ancient Humans Diss the 47%?

o   Reason –  5/2013 – Bicep Size Predicts Politics

o   Salon –  10/2012 – Muscular men have self-interested politics, says study

o   La Nación (Argentina) –  7/2013 – El cerebro y la política

o   Smithsonian.com –  5/2013 – Wealthy Economic Liberals Actually Are Wimps

o   Association for Psychological Science –  5/2013 – Political Motivations May Have Evolutionary Links to Physical Strength

o   Psychology Today –  5/2013 – Physical Strength and Attitudes Toward Economic Policies

o   UCSB The Current –  5/2013 – UCSB Researchers Find Political Motivations May Have Evolutionary Links to Physical Strength

·        Video

o   Universidad Francisco Marroquín (Guatemala) –  2/2014 – Envidia, uso de la fuerza y políticas de redistribución


Physical formidability


·        Paper: Adaptations in humans for assessing physical strength from the voice

o   CNN –  6/2010 – Men's voices may predict strength

o   New Scientist –  6/2010 – Male voices reveal owner’s strength


·        Paper: Human adaptations for the visual assessment of strength and fighting ability from the body and face

o   The Indian Express (India) –  10/2008 – Boxing opponent's face tells about his fighting ability

o   Science Daily –  10/2008 – Physical Strength, Fighting Ability Revealed In Human Faces

o   Slate –  10/2009 – Facial profiling

o   e Science News –  10/2008 – UCSB study finds physical strength, fighting ability revealed in human faces