September 15, 2010 --- MultiBrowser Updated to Version 1.1.1

I have just released version 1.1.1  of MultiBrowser.  It fixes and improves some small problems with version 1.1.0.  Go to the MultiBrowser page to find out more and to do download it.  

September 4, 2010 --- MultiBrowser Updated to Version 1.1.0

I have just released version 1.1.0  of MultiBrowser.  It adds some new features to the program.  Some of the highlights are: new appearance options, an API, and bug fixes.  Go to the MultiBrowser page to find out more and to do download it.  

April 16, 2010 --- MultiBrowser Released

I have finally released MultiBrowser.  Go to the MultiBrowser page to find out more and to do download it.  

February 20, 2010 --- Backtracking

Unfortunately, I ran into a few issues with MultiBrowser while I was doing some more extensive testing and it's taking longer than I though to fix them (plus I had a bunch of other things I had to get done as well).  I'll release MultiBrowser as soon as I can.  

January 30, 2010 --- What's Coming Soon

I have been working on a new application called MultiBrowser.  The basic idea of this program is that whenever you click on a link in almost any application (e.g. TextEdit, Mail, etc), instead of opening your default browser, MultiBrowser will show up and let you choose which browser you want to use.  This is great for anybody who uses more than one browser.  MultiBrowser also has a lot of options and settings to let you configure which browsers it displays as well as many many options to let you choose what MultiBrowser looks like.  

I'm planning on releasing MultiBrowser sometime this week or the next.  In the mean time, I've begun making the MultiBrowser page, which contains more details.  You can use the link to the left in the Software box, or click here.  

I've also begun preliminary work on another new program.  It looks like it should be much simpler than Flash Video Downloader 2 or MultiBrowser, so it should not take me nearly as long to complete it.  All I'm going to say right now is that its related to your Mac's battery.  

July 20, 2009 --- FVD2 Updated to Version 2.1.3

I was planning on waiting to release a new update until I had something substantial to add, but it doesn't look like I will figure out anything anytime soon.  So, I've released 2.1.3 which has a couple of small bug-fixes that I had been sitting on. 

Go to the Flash Video Downloader 2 page for more details. 

March 8, 2009 --- FVD2 Updated to Version 2.1.2

I had planned on releasing version 2.1.2 much sooner than today, but I had a lot of other work to do and so I did not have any time until today.  

This version's biggest new feature is the ability to import a list of Filenames and URLs from a text file or by copying and pasting.  Go to the FVD2 page to learn more and to download it.  

January 20, 2009 --- FVD2 Updated to Version 2.1.1

Flash Video Downloader 2 has been updated to version 2.1.1 so please go to the FVD2 page to get it and to see the changelog.  

Among other things, I've fixed a bug that caused concurrently downloading videos to all be replaced by one of the videos (e.g. instead of getting 5 different videos, you would get 5 of the same video) and I've added a progress bar to the Dock Icon while downloading.  

I'm still working on other programs, its just going to take me a while

December 2, 2008 --- New Software

So far, I only have one program on this site (Flash Video Downloader 2).  As those of you who are programmers know, writing good software can take quite a bit of time; especially if you are still learning Objective-C :)

I have been working a little bit on my next program.  I haven't had much time to work on it because I've had a really busy semester at College.  Soon I have Finals, and then I'm going on a trip.  I should have some time over Winter Break to hopefully finish this program.  For now, all I can say is that it is a Menubar application (all of those little icons in the top right of your screen next to your clock).  It's a bit less ambitious and coplicated (hopefully) than Flash Video Downloader 2 was, and I plan to write it much more efficiently and cleaner. 

December 2, 2008 --- FVD2 and Copyrighted Videos

I have received many emails asking me to update Flash Video Downloader 2 to be able to download videos from websites that host copyrighted videos (e.g. tv shows, movies, etc).  Mostly, people want to download videos from 

These websites, while they typically do not use DRM, often use a non-standard way of streaming their videos, which makes FVD2 unable to download them.  I designed FVD2 to be compatible with most websites by not hard-coding special cases for each site, but by creating a design that will work on the way that flash videos are usually streamed.  This prevents you from continuously having to update FVD2 for compatibility updates, and prevents me from having to spend all of my time making FVD2 compatible with more sites. 

Another reason why I will not make FVD2 work with sites like Hulu, is that you should not be trying to download those videos anyways.  Downloading videos from sites like Youtube is already a "grey area" (especially when people upload copyrighted content to sites like Youtube).  I don't want to be held liable for people downloading copyrighted videos from sties like Hulu. 

If you want to download a tv show or movie you really like, you should buy it from a store, iTunes, Amazon, etc. 

September 17, 2008 --- Website Color and Layout Problems

I just looked at the site, and it seems that Google has made some changes to Google Sites.  Unfortunately, these changes have slightly messed up the color scheme on the Tesseract Software Website.  There has also been some minor layout changes that have messed some other things up as well. 

I've been trying to fix it, but so far, it appears to have no effect.  Hopefully, Google will reverse the changes soon (or at least explain what they did).  Please bear with me until the colors on the site are fixed. 

August 18, 2008 --- Flash Video Downloader Updated to Version 2.1.0

This new version of Flash Video Downloader 2 adds three new features that many of you have been asking me for:
  • The ability to download videos from websites that require you to login to view the video
  • The ability to download up to 5 videos simultaneously, which really speeds up the overall process
  • The ability to download videos that play an advertisement before the actual video (although you will hear the sound from the advertisement, I'm still working on a way to fix that)
There are also many other changes (more than in any other update so far).  Please visit the Flash Video Downloader 2 page for all of the details and a link to download the newest version.