Hello, world! My name is Tessa and I make stuff for the internet. I received my Bachelor's degree from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 2012 where I majored in Game Art and Design. I specialize in object-oriented programming ranging from websites to mobile apps to video games. While attending college, it was necessary to research some aspects of a project I was working on. Many times, I've run into issues when needing outside help and commonly found inadequate results - usually a help thread that may or may not have had the same problem, but never said whether or not they found an answer; and if a solution was discovered, it typically wasn't posted (you can see how frustrating that can be with a project deadline on your shoulders).  And so, this site was created to help others in their research. Hopefully you have finally found the answer you've been looking for here!

        My tutorials cover subjects in various programs such as UDK, 3D Studio Max, ZBrush, Photoshop, Unity 3D, Flash, etc., as well as skills in programming, design, workflow, user-experience design, and human-computer interaction.. Keep in mind that my tutorials will not teach you how to use the program but they are intended to teach you a specific skill, technique, or just something I thought was cool. Think of this site as a wiki of Tessa's techniques.

        My tutorials are text-based, because I hate video tutorials. I always hate having to deal with video tutorials because of all the pausing and trying to work alongside with it, or they'll go to fast and I'll never find the button they clicked to get an important menu up. Or more commonly, I'm trying to type up the code they're using before they minimize the screen. Anyway, that's why I prefer typing my tutorials.  However, I may recommend watching a video tutorial here and there - because it is unnecessary for me to reinvent the wheel (we're programmers because we're lazy, aren't we?).  If I do create a video tutorial, I'll make sure to provide code snippets for quick references so you won't have to fight with the video controller to pause the screen at just the right moment. You are so welcome!