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English 6502 IC assignments

Theory and Practice of Teaching ESL II
(Winter 2013)
Good teachers are life-long learners. In order to manage life-long learning in the information age, it is important for teachers to develop information competency (IC). Throughout the TESOL program, we will be working to develop strong library skills as well as other aspects of information competency. This quarter's IC assignments can be found below as well as in the Syllabus on BlackBoard.

IC Assignment #1:

Attend an IC workshop on January 24.
The exact time and place of the workshop will be announced in class. The workshop will focus on advanced web search techniques.

IC Assignment #2:
Using the sample running record and formal evaluation of Dave's ESL Cafe, the Evaluating Web Resources (see Model Web Site Evaluation), and your own research, prepare a written evaluation of two ESL or EFL web sites that focus on reading, writing, or vocabulary. One web site should be aimed at teachers, and the other web site should be aimed at language learners.

IC Assignment #2 has three parts, which are described below.

IC Assignment #2A:
Do an initial search of the web for ESL/EFL web sites. You should look for both teacher and learner sites. Choose four ESL/EFL web sites that you would like to review for this assignment, and bring a list of your four possible Web sites to class on January 31. (Note: Be sure to check the reviews already on this site to be sure that the sites on your list were not reviewed in a previous quarter.) Based on your list, your instructor will confirm two Web sites for you to evaluate.

IC Assignment #2B:
Once you have received confirmation about the two web sites you will review, you should explore, analyze and research those two web sites. It is recommended that you keep a running record of your research process. A sample running record that Aline and Sarah kept for Dave's ESL Cafe is available on the Model Web Site Evaluation page.  There are also many examples on the Web Evaluations page. Please use the web evaluations from previous quarters as models for the format of your web evaluations.

After you have finished exploring, analyzing, and researching your web sites, write a brief description (100-250 words) for each web site and a brief evaluation (100-200 words) of each web site. In your evaluations, be sure to (1) state whether you strongly recommend, recommend, recommend with reservations, or do not recommend a web site and (2) explain the reasons for your recommendation. Your written evaluations are due on February 14 and should be typed and double-spaced. Please also be prepared to give a brief and informal oral report on the two web sites you reviewed if time permits.

IC Assignment #2C:
Using the feedback you received on your written evaluations and oral presentation, revise your Web site evaluations for posting on the MA TESOL google page page. The final drafts of your evaluations are due on March 7 should be single spaced and emailed to your instructor as an attachment. The attachment should be in one of the following formats: .doc, .docx, or .rtf. Please give your documents the following names: YOURLASTNAMEWebEval1 and YOURLASTNAMEWebEval2. For example, Sarah's document names would look like this: NIELSENWebEval1.doc and NIELSENWebEval2.doc.

IC Assignment #3:

In class on March 7, you will write a brief reflective paper on the IC assignments you completed this quarter.  To gather ideas for your paper before you write in class, consider the following questions. What did you learn from completing the IC assignments in English 6502? What do you still want to learn about IC as it relates to your development as a professional in TESOL? How could Sarah and Aline improve the IC assignments for English 6502 next year?
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