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English 6501 IC assignments

Theory and Practice of Teaching ESL I

IC Assignments for Fall 2013

Good teachers are life-long learners. In order to manage life-long learning in the information age, it is important for teachers to develop strong information competency. Throughout the TESOL program, we will be working to develop strong library skills as well as other aspects of information competency. The information competency (IC) assignments for this quarter can be found in your syllabus as well as on this TESOL Google site.

There are four information competency assignments.

IC Assignment #1

Complete the anonymous information competency survey online by following this link:

IC Assignment #2

Attend a library orientation during our third class meeting. Exact time and location will be announced in class or on Blackboard.  

IC Assignment #3

Work with your partner(s) to prepare a 10-minute oral presentation and a brief report (1-2 pages) on the TESOL-related database and academic journal you have been assigned. To practice good search techniques and to help you prepare your oral presentation and written report, you and your partner(s) will also be given a concept to search for in your assigned database and journal.

For both the oral presentation and written report, you should briefly introduce your assigned database and academic journal in a general manner. After that, you should discuss the results of your concept search within your database and academic journal. If your academic journal isn’t easily searchable, look at the abstracts for several articles in that journal and speculate about whether your concept might be reported on in that journal.

You will receive your specific database, academic journal title, and concept during the library orientation. Your group will introduce your assigned database and academic journal and discuss your search of your assigned concept to the rest of the class during a subsequent class meeting.

Below are some questions to guide you in your research on your assigned concept, database, and academic journal.


·         What subject(s) does the database cover?

·         Does the database contain citations, abstracts, and/or full-text articles?

·         What is the content of the database?

·         What is the coverage of the database?

·         When you searched for your concept in the database, how easy was the database to use?

·         What useful features did you notice in the database when you searched for your concept?

·         What kinds of search terms did you use? What kinds of results did you get with each of those search terms and combinations of search terms? How did you narrow or widen your search to get a reasonable number of potentially relevant articles and other resources?

Academic Journal

·         How long has the journal been published?

·         What organization, company or institution publishes the journal?

·         In what format(s) is the journal available?

·         Who is the current editor of the journal? What are his/her credentials and qualifications?

·         Who is the journal’s intended audience?

·         What types of articles appear in the journal?

·         What are some example topics explored in the journal?

·         Is the journal peer reviewed?

·         Is the journal available in any of the databases to which CSUEB subscribes? If so, which databases?

·       What articles did you find on your assigned concept? If your journal was not easily searchable, do you think it might have articles on your assigned concept? Why do you think the journal might/might not cover your assigned concept?

IC Assignment #4

Write an in-class reflective essay on the IC assignments you completed this quarter. What did you learn from the assignments? How could the assignments be improved? What aspects of information competency do you want develop more? See course schedule for the date of the in-class essay.


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