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Understanding and Using English Grammar

Interactive from Pearson Education, Inc.


(Reviewed Winter 2010)


Reviewer: Clara Galan


Recommendation: Recommended




Longman English Interactive is a video based integrated skills program with four levels. In order to develop essential skills, students work with video, animations, audio and “extensive practice activities.” The website provides practice in ESL reading, writing, vocabulary, pronunciation, listening, grammar, and speaking. Students can access the site from anywhere with a login code. The site recommends that the site be used in conjunction with a class, so that the teacher can post comments, record grades, and monitor students’ progress on the site’s activities. In a sense, the website is like blackboard, only it offers videos, instruction, and activities as well. Longman English Interactive is a commercial web site developed by a major ESL publishing company, Pearson Longman Inc.




Longman English Interactive is a useful supplimental tool in conjunction with ESL courses. Students are offered over 100 hours of material in each of the four levels. I recommend the site, but warn the user that it isn’t free. Each level costs $32.33 per user. The site offers a free 30 day trial, but personal information is required. I really liked the fact that the site is similar to blackboard, but offers much more. Students can watch videos, listen to audio, read texts, and learn other grammar instruction. After each video segment, the student is given a set of multiple choice, fill in the blank, and free response questions. The multiple choice answers are given to the students immediately, while the other answers are forwarded to the instructor. The site makes it easy for the instructor to monitor his/her students’ progress and give them feedback in their writing. The instructor can also manage classes and set up assignments. The site claims that it “extends the ESL learning experience to outside the classroom.” I agree with this statement, and feel that such a site could be a great supplimental material for an ESL course. However, both the instructor and the students must be financialy able to purchase the site’s access codes.


Subject Headings: ESL students, integrated skills, commercial site