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Teaching Tips

(Reviewed February/ 14 and 15/ 2012)

Reviewer:   Abdulrahman Almurayyi

Recommendation:   Recommend 


      Teaching tips is not a website for teachers only. It is a leading resource for both teachers and students. The links on the side lead you to other tips until you find what you are looking for. If you are looking for a degree to study, the Teaching Tips website can help you. Teaching Tips also can help you as a teacher to find some new learning methods. Students also can get helpful and valuable information on this website during their study journey. Teaching Tips is not about tips for English teachers only, but for teaching in general.


          Teaching Tips is a free and priceless resource. I was amazed by the information that I found. I tried to find the credibility of this website, but I could not. The negative is that I got lost many times in the amount of links that lead you to other pages. Also some of the links did not work at all. I cannot say it is not organized, but I did get lost, especially when I wanted to go back to one of the blogs. I recommend this website because of the quality and quantity of free information that you can find there as well as the variety of information; it is not only about teaching or learning in the classroom, but also learning outside the classroom and if offers different student levels and situations. It also includes resources for special needs students. The huge amount of teaching materials makes me recommend it.