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Talk English

(reviewed Winter 2012)

Reviewer: Laura King

Recommendation: Recommended


Talk English is a site for mid-beginning to high-intermediate English language learners.  Though it is free, they do ask for you to register and then login upon return.  I could not find who created or maintains this site, but there is a forum which says questions will be answered by administrators or global moderators.  The main focus of the site is its thousands of MP3 files, but there are articles, lessons, and, as I stated, the forum.


I recommend this site, but not highly, only because of the registration/login feature.  That’s just personal: I don’t want to share my information over the Internet too freely, and I don’t see why the site needs my information.  Aside from that, the site is pretty good.  The home page is refreshingly devoid of too many advertisements; there are only two.  I appreciate the home page saying that ESL learners must “study and master reading, listening and speaking.” (I don’t know why they left out writing...) 

My favorite feature on the site is the Full Lesson Index, a list of all sorts of topics ranging from “Basic Usage of I’m” to “Rumor Has It.”  The list isn’t alphabetized, but instead grouped by topics like “Basics,” “College,” and “Health, Dating, Marriage”. (These are categories found on the right-hand column, but this link might be helpful if you know exactly what you’re looking for.)  This is my reasoning behind describing it as a “mid-beginning to high-intermediate” site: the student has to know what s/he is looking for.  I still recommend this site because once the student has found the desired lesson, s/he can listen to MP3s of words, phrases and entire conversations about that topic.

This site also has links to helpful articles about learning English, pronunciation lessons, a link to memory games (must register for that, however) and instructions for the site in 20 languages!

Subject heading: Learn English, English MP3 files, English lessons