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Study My English

(reviewed Winter 2010)

Reviewer: A. Kaufmann

Recommendation: Recommended with Reservations


As stated on the home page, " offers resources to help you learn and practice English. The content here is divided into three broad areas, including resources for teachers, practice for students, and vocabulary lists and games.” It is a simple site to navigate, and includes interactive quizzing, but it is unclear who or what is behind it, with only the following stated about its creators:

“There is really not much to say about us! Who are we? Well, we ourselves had to study English in order to improve our vocabulary in preparation for several standardized tests, and in so doing, we discovered that there are too few good websites out there that offer free services. Alas, we decided to build”

Additional Web searching reveals that many sites link to – nobody seems particularly concerned about the origins.'s copyright is also a couple of years old. Overall, the site is best approached with caution.

Evaluation (student resources only) is one of several Web sites that appear in a search for ESL-related student and teacher materials. What's nice about it is that is easy to navigate relative to other “free” ESL content Web sites. There are a few typical Google ads for ESL certification that appear on the site, but otherwise whoever or whatever sponsors the site keeps it uncluttered. That said, the fact that you can't drill down to discover the site owners should raise a flag concerning content sources and validity. Everything should be approached in a “for your information only” manner. For student practice, this is probably OK; it would be even better for students working with an instructor who has sifted through the site.

The following is available to students on the site: reading comprehension questions; sentence completion questions; antonym questions; grammar questions; analogy questions; improving sentences; improving paragraphs. Each section offers a passage, sample sentence, and/or question with a series of multiple choice answers aimed at comprehension. Wrong answers trigger feedback about the correct selections, so students do get feedback.

The site also includes vocabulary lists grouped by “easy, medium, and hard” levels – certainly an arrangement that is open to interpretation. That aside, however, students can work on their vocabulary by exercising quizzing features (i.e., selecting appropriate definitions for given words, or vice versa).

There are a few links to external Web sites, including the ETS TOEFL site, and additional skill-building sites such as The links are live and provide students with additional scope of available Web resources.

Just as a note: For teachers looking for lesson plan support, direct sourcing is better left to content providers that can be validated.

Subject Headings: ESL students, reading, grammar