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Study English Today

(Reviewed Winter 2012)

Reviewer: Trisha Angelica B. Malanyaon

Recommendation: Recommended


            Study English Today is a website initially created for Bulgarian students to improve their English language skills. However, because they have such “a large resource of free reference materials,” ESL and EFL students and teachers from all over the world now visit the webpage often. It offers lessons, grammar exercises, language tests, fun and interactive language tools, and various ESL website links. Featured on its main page, designed like a blog, are other fun and educational columns like, Famous Quote, English Idiom, Did you know…, Article of the Day, and a portion that lists which parts of the website have just been updated.


            The Study English Today homepage is very neat, user-friendly, and visually appealing. There are several fun facts posted in columns to the left, a list of newly updated pages in the center, and a column for lessons and tests to the right. The arrangement of the tools, the headings, and even the colors, makes it very easy to navigate through each page. The lessons posted on the website seem to be for students in the high intermediate level. Each lesson provides reading material, a vocabulary list with its definition, comprehension questions, pictures, grammar quizzes, and additional references. Although there are only 34 lessons, the website definitely makes up for it with the quality and effectiveness of the plans. In addition, there are 10 online tests available for beginning to intermediate students; 20 interactive games that both young and adult students would enjoy; and grammar lessons as well as quizzes that ESL teachers can readily use in the classroom. I recommend this website because it has several resources that ESL teachers can use, and it offers interactive as well as effective learning tools for students at different proficiency levels.

Subject Headings: ESL Students, ESL Teachers, Easy English