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(Reviewed winter 2012)

Reviewer: Mengjie Zhang

Recommendation: recommended


This website is aimed at ESL/EFL learners who want to study English through the web. The site is updated constantly. It contains both student and teacher resources, as well as general Internet navigation links related to ESL. But it is generally for the English learners. This website contains a lot of teaching content, for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students to improve at each level in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. In addition, it also has a collection of many free web pages for English learning. The site has an English version and a Chinese version so that some Chinese beginners can easily get started with their learning. If you pay for a membership, you will get more learning material and the fee is $75 per year.


The website is sorted by listening and speaking, reading, writing, quizzes, grammar, vocabulary, etc. It also has English magazines, newspapers, and a part for people who are learning business English and academic English. If you click on the listening and speaking part, first you will see the some top sites for listening and speaking. Then, there are some materials for beginners, followed by many websites for conversation, online software, radio news and videos for the oral skills. The rest of the reading, writing and other sections all include plenty of learning materials and website links. I think the most useful part of this website is that it systematically collects and organizes commendable English learning sites. If you have this website, then you don’t need to find others by searching Google since it has already been done for you.

Subject headings: ESL/EFL learners, websites by proficiency level