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(reviewed winter 2012)

Reviewer: Tu, Yung-ting

Recommendation: Highly recommend


        Quizlet is an online vocabulary study tool, which is based on a simple learning tool: flash cards. Learners put vocabulary word and definition they want to practice with, then Quizlet will create a whole set of flash cards and learning games which are based on the flash cards. The set that learners create will be shared on the Quizlet homepage for sharing. Quizlet webpages can be read in ten different languages. The target languages they have are 44.


Quizlet is created by Andrew Sutherland who is a (handsome and cute) college student from California. Sutherland created Quizlet when he was a sophomore at Albany High School. His French vocabulary homework inspired him to find a more efficient and interesting way to absorb vocabulary. At first, Sutherland developed Quizlet for his French vocabulary test. Then he realized Quizlet could help learners who have the same problem with vocabulary learning. He chose to cooperate with other engineers and founded a company named Quizlet.

        Quizlet is suitable for all users at all levels (especially users who are addicted to internet, who can have an great excuse not to leave their beloved computer while studying). As long as students know how to use computer and log on internet, they could use Quizlet. The set that learners create will be shared on Quizlet homepage. There is a clear guide with Quizlet teach learners how to build flashcards and how to play games. Even if students don’t have any vocabulary to learn, they could still choose a set other people create to study with. Quizlet can be read in ten different languages, so even a beginner could use it without a language barrier. Since the founder created Quizlet for French vocabulary learning, this tool contains not only English, but also more than twenty other languages that are frequently used in the world.

        For teachers, Quizlet has a useful function called group creating. Teachers can create a set of vocabulary, and then put students into groups. According to Zimmerman’s idea of “The layer of word knowledge”, each word has a different difficulty to students. Quizlet has statistics which show each student’s weaknesses with vocabulary learning. Teachers can adjust teaching material based on Quizlet statistics to or address students’ weaknesses.

        Quizlet itself is free to every user. But since Quizlet now works as a company, they do have some products to sell. Quizlet has an upgraded service called Quizplus. With Quizplus, learners can put pictures next to vocabulary items, which enhance the connection between words and pictures. Also, if learners pay for the upgrade to Quizplus, the advertisements around the webpage will be removed.

Subject heading: Vocabulary, flash cards, teaching materials, self-study