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Practice Speaking English with ESL Robot

(Reviewed Winter 2011)

Reviewer: Julia Tran

Recommendation: Recommended

Description is a web site for beginning ESL students to practice conversations with a robot. There are over 1,500 conversations that are available with a wide range of topics. Students can choose from many conversation categories that include small talk, dating, and restaurant. In each of these categories, there is a list of specific conversation topics relevant to that category.


I strongly recommend this web site. Though students do not necessarily practice with a robot, they are able to listen to the well-constructed conversation provided. The pronunciation of the words in the conversation is very clear, and the pace is steady enough for a beginning ESL student to follow. The quality of the conversations is great as the conversations reflect real life talk. There are many categories of conversation to choose from and they deal with a person’s everyday life. The biggest attraction of this web site is the wide range of topics in each category. The only downside is that the website is filled with distracting advertisements.

Subject Headings: ESL conversations, ESL students