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Mark's ESL World

(Reviewed Winter 2012)

Reviewer: Trisha Angelica B. Malanyaon

Recommendation: Recommended, with reservations


Mark’s ESL World, “Your one-stop mega-portal to everything that’s ESL,” is a website that provides several kinds of resources for the ESL community. It offers a Full Directory, where more than a thousand links are posted and arranged by category. There is also a Special Links page and an Exchange Links page that provides links to more specific areas of ESL. A Job Postings and Resumes page is available for employers to post employment opportunities and view uploaded user resumes. For instructors, there is a PDF library, an ESL Articles page, and a News Articles page where handouts, manual copies, and articles about the field are posted. ESL Lesson Plans and ESL Worksheets are also available. For more creative resources, there is an ESL Video Library and a Podcasts page. While the ESL Discussions, ESL Students’ Forum, Conversation Room, Writing Room, Korean Study Room, and The Lounge web pages are more geared towards interactive learning with other members of the community. Mark’s ESL World was created in the year 2000, and although there wasn’t any available information about the creator of the website, a photo of him is posted on the main page.


The homepage is very simple. It has the name of the website, a short description, a few pictures, and a chart containing clickable icons of the categories previously mentioned in the description. The best resource this website offers is the Full Directory which contains links that are arranged by 12 main categories (e.g., ESL Teacher’s Directory, ESL Student’s Directory, and Language Schools). There is an average of 20 more sections (e.g. Activities, Classroom Management, and Dictionaries) under each category which makes it easier and faster to find exactly what a searcher needs. The rest of the pages, however, do not contain as much information. There were only 4 videos in the Video Library, 2 files in the PDF Library, and 0 lesson plans available. Most pages that intend to focus on collaborative learning were not accessible and the others that were are very outdated. The only reason I am recommending this website is because of the extensive directory that can help both ESL students and teachers to find other ESL websites that hopefully fit their needs.

Subject Headings: ESL Students, ESL Teachers, List of ESL Websites