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Live Mocha

Date reviewed: 2/9/10
Reviewer: Alison Trent

Recommendation: Strongly recommend



This website is free to use. You sign up with them to enter the website and they will send you updates, and allow you to save your session, or at least they will know where you were in your lesson when you logged out. There are many different languages to choose from, and the lessons for them are often posted by different language learning groups; Rosetta stone posts the English lessons, and someone else provides the Japanese ones. You have the ability to make your own flash cards, or use flash cards created by someone else, and there are many other components you could utilize.


When you go to the “about Live Mocha” section you are given information about the goals of the website, and if you click the highlighted section at the top saying “a group of experienced and successful entrepreneurs in Seattle” you will be directed to information about the people who run the site, and the companies that support it (Maveron and August Capitol). The site, “addresses a $20 billion worldwide language learning market fueled by rapid globalization, immigration and travel.”



Live Mocha is a really useful website, while beginning language students may need some initial help getting started, once you understand how it works using it is fairly easy. There are all sorts of language options for you to explore, and various levels to complete. Not all languages are taught in the same way since the learning programs for the languages came from different sources.


The best thing about this site is that you can hear the language spoken as you read the words bellow the picture they describe. While I am not sure how all of the languages are taught, with the Japanese program you can see the words in Japanese, in Romanji (phonetic Romanization) and in English translation.


When you first sign in to the website to begin your account, you are asked what language you speak, and what language you are learning; I picked the option of being an English speaker learning Japanese, so I do not know what would have happened if I had said I was a Japanese speaker learning English, perhaps I would have had directions in Japanese, or been given a different language program to learn from (this is something that could be interesting and helpful to know).


Overall I would strongly recommend this website to English learners. While beginning learners would need some help navigating the site and setting up their account, I think that they would benefit the most from the website since you can pick your level of study and go at your own pace which could make it perfect supplementary material for an ESL class.


Subject Headings: ESL learners, self study, forums