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Learn That

(Reviewed February 15 and 16, 2012)

Reviewer: Abdulrahman Almurayyi

Recommendation: strongly recommended


       This website is about how to teach and learn words in English for both native and non-native speakers. It is a nonprofit website but it is not free. There is a quiz which can determine the level and needs of learners based on his or her goal. The learner can focus on the words that meet her/his needs. The level of learners ranges from second grade to graduate school.


      LearnThat looks well known because it has won some awards. Its creative and new ideas distinguish it. I strongly recommended LearnThat because it is very organized and professional, serving both students and teachers.

Valuable resources is also one of the advantages of LearnThat. The variety of targeted learners and the programs designed to meet their goals are good for teaching vocabulary. With all the things I liked in LearnThat, visitors might feel overwhelmed by the information and advertisements about the program.