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Learn English

(Reviewed February 15, 2012)

Reviewer: Ahlam Alfouaim

Recommendation: Highly recommended


Learn English is a free website dedicated to ESL learners and teachers. According to the website, “it includes games, stories, listening activities and grammar exercises.” It also includes free teaching materials for teachers. In addition, the website includes a section designed for young ESL learners. The website is introduced by the British Council, one of the most trusted schools for ESL teaching.


I would highly recommend this website for all ESL learners and teachers. The website includes three main pages: adult ESL learners’ page, young ESL learners’ page, and ESL teachers’ page. The one dedicated for adult students includes a huge variety of resources for all levels, such as podcasts, grammar and vocabulary exercises, fun games and mobile learning where students can get Learn English apps on their mobiles. It also has a business English page, where students can find materials that aim to help them reaching their professional aspirations, such as professional podcasts, interview dialogues, and so on to build the language used in the workplace. Moreover, the kids’ site has a colorful interface that is appealing for young users. The content of the website is appropriate for their level; it includes a lot of fun games, songs, craft downloads and activities for children. Young learners can have a lot of fun playing the games or working with handouts to practice their reading and writing skills in English.

 As for the teachers’ site, it includes free classroom materials to download, from short activities to full lesson plans, for teaching kids and adults. According to the website, “There are also articles on aspects of teaching, and free teacher development and teacher training materials.” Additionally, teachers can join the website and start their own blog and make use of other teachers’ blogs. The lesson plans I’ve examined are well-organized and include detailed handouts. Lastly, the credentials are easily available in the website with exhaustive information about the team. Overall, the website is fairly thorough; it meets the need of both teachers and learners with easy and free access to the materials and sources.