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Learn English Online

(reviewed Winter 2011)

Reviewer: Phillip Taw

Recommendation: Not Recommended


Learn English Free Online is a web site aimed at both English language learners and teachers. The website offers numerous English tests, handouts, quizzes, grammar lessons, vocabulary lessons, common mistakes, a section on British culture, a section for English teachers, and other English lessons. The web site has many advertisers offering English language services on the web site as well.


There is a teachers' section with several different handouts and worksheets. This section is useful for browsing for ideas, but seeing these activities out of context can be frustrating. Many of the activity ideas aren't what I would use in a lesson. There are some that I would definitely use, but I didn't find anything new.

The web site has some useful things to offer but the crude layout is distracting. Although this site has some things to offer, there are other sites that cover the same material with a more pleasant user experience. The web site itself has a lot of advertisements. Sometimes I wasn't sure whether I was clicking a link for within the site or clicking an advertisement link. I would not recommend this web site because I believe there are better websites without annoying advertisements that get in the way of learning.