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Lauri’s ESL Website

(Reviewed Winter 2010)

Reviewer: Melissa Ordonez

Recommendation: Highly Recommended


Lauri’s site is a classroom website for Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) classes. Its primary audience is teachers and learners. The site is organized into 5 main sections (ESL classes, grammar, reading, listening, and students’ writing) and 2 extra sections (links, what’s new, and other activities). Students/users can find information and assignments regarding current and previous courses. The grammar, listening and reading sections have all interactive activities in which the students/users can practice their current knowledge of the English language and gain more practice. The students' writing section shows real examples of students’ writing in previous classes. The links section is a list of ESL sites organized according to skill or subject. The what’s new section offers reading and comprehension activities for advance level students. There are no articles on the site. Its main content is reading (comprehension), listening, and grammar activities. There is however an obvious attempt to address different learning styles (audio, visual, kinetic, etc).

The site was created by Lauri Fried-Lee, an ESL teacher and web developer at City College in San Francisco. Even though there is no information about the author in the site, her name appeared easily after a Google search. The site is a member of the ESLoop, a collection of sites relevant to English Language Teaching and Learning on the World-Wide Web (most sites are for public use and non-for profit). Information is presented as facts and is accurate. There are no biases in any of the activities. There is no date in the webpage. The last “what’s news” activity was created in 200, but the information is still current and relevant. There are no articles on the site, it does not sell anything nor does it have any corporate sponsor. There is no need to enter personal information and is free of charge.


I highly recommend this site because it is easy to use, it provides clear instructions, is interactive (requires students’ in put); and is an excellent resource to complement regular language and online classes, or for self-study. In addition, it is free and has no ads. All the links provided in the site connect to other websites also created by ESL professionals.

Subject Headings: ESL teachers, ESL students, CALL