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Internet TESL Journal

(Reviewed in Winter 2012)

Reviewer: Miaoling Lin

Recommendation: Recommended


The Internet TESOL Journal is a website publishing various articles rich in knowledge of teaching, including teaching ideas, teaching techniques, lesson plans, class activities, etc. It also collects different types of games which could be used in classrooms and shares many jokes with its teacher readers. The current numbers of the collection are nearly up to 731. This website, as an online resource book, is aimed at providing effective information and helping teachers of English as second language. There are 10,183 registered links of interest to students and teachers of English as a second language. (Last Update: 19-Oct-2011)


I recommend this website because it includes so much useful information. As a teacher or a future teacher, readers can find tips on how to be a better teacher, get ideas from model lesson plans, and learn different teaching techniques, for example Three Activities to Promote Learners’ Autonomy, apply games like sentence race in real classroom teaching, etc.

Since the organization of the website is very clear, readers can easily find what they need following the guidance of different titles. No annoying advertisements are found here, which facilitates readers being able to focus totally on the academic study.

It also provides readers with links to student activity. In the student activity website,, there are many kinds of testing materials, including grammar quizzes, vocabulary quizzes, crossword puzzles, etc. Teachers could use them to evaluate students and students, and could use them to self-evaluate as well.

Although I really appreciate this website, I wish the layout could be more colorful to attract more readers’ attention at their first viewing.

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Articles, Research Papers, Lessons Plans, Classroom Handouts, Teaching Ideas & Links